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not to mention that for over a decade walMart has been open extremely late on t?hanksgiving, supposedly after the dinner and visiting is over.
The Republicans keep under estimating the lows that Obama will go to to get his way. Just like the government keeps estimating what the Muslim run countries will do.
won't happen as too many Republicans are failry liberal AND the MSM won't let the word get out to those who can't access Fox or refuse to listen to FOX.
Obama and his croinies need the website to fail, because otherwise they would be greatly damaged by the news that so few want obamacare. Also, they need all the fines from those who haven't signed up, to help pay the health care costs of those who have.
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Demand for food aid spikes in Britain

mhubbard Wrote: Oct 16, 2013 11:24 AM
and the costs of gas and electricity continue to climb in this country due to the EPA and Presidential stances of the so-called green energy. I am just waiting for the brown outs and black outs to hit during shcool hours. Imagine what fun that will be for instructors with the huge push to put all students on-line instead of with textbooks in their hands.
In reverse, you DO NOT get suspended for cheating, fighting, or mouthing off to a teacher in many of our schools. Many students can cuss teachers out, threaten them without any fear of being punished.
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We are Lions that are Led by Donkeys

mhubbard Wrote: Oct 15, 2013 9:48 AM
I find it amusing that the symbol fo the Democratic Party is a donkey. The alternate term for donkey is jack*ss.
SirPublius sites exactly what I thought was going to happen. Once I heard, on the news (Fox), that the EBT cards were having issues, I knew that people would lie and "steal" the food instead of being honest aobut how much money is usually on their cards. Before there are objections, No, I don't believe that all EBT card users would lie, however several would lie and suck in more who would be trying to do the honest thing.
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Is There Life After Food Stamps?

mhubbard Wrote: Oct 12, 2013 10:36 AM
See...the real problem is that the churches are then looked to for aid. Socialism wants only the gov't looked up to. Hence the current statements about Christians being terrorists.
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The Book Of Revelation Is Hayekian

mhubbard Wrote: Oct 11, 2013 10:19 AM
There is only one way to Heaven and it is through God and His son, Jesus Christ. Sorry but everyone else is not headed to Heaven. If doesn't matter how "goood" one may consider themselves, they will not go there. Interesting point is that Muslims also believe that one will get into Paradise(not Heaven) by dying in jihad against unbelievers (us) or by doing enough good. When Muhammed-the founder of Islam-died, he was not sure if he had done enough good to go to Paradise.
Obviously no one has done the math. If there are supposed to be 45 million people signed up within 6 months, the system has to be able to handle 250,000 per day. However, the system only handles less than 50,000 a day. That just means more people to fine, seize bank accounts, and put leins on property, so that there is more money in the program.
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