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Plastic Bags May Be Banned in Dallas

mhubbard Wrote: Oct 29, 2013 9:26 AM
Several major cities in the Pacific Northwest have already banned them. There is some talk about state-wide bans. It is not the stores who are pushing for this. However, several grocery stores give 5 cents off for each reusable bag that you bring in. As for not washing can't wash the ones sold be the stores more than 2-3 times. Buy some nice well made ones out of heavy fabric. Then you can just throw them in the washer and dryer. I sew them for my sister's farm market stand. I can make them for her, cheaper than her having to buy those ridiculous chinzty ones that all the stores have. She would have had to pay $7 per bag as she can't use the large quantities of the grocery stores. As for the laminated ones that you can just wipe out...they tend to fall apart also.
and all disgusting activities (removal of garbage, etc) is carried out in tunnels-underground-away fromt he public eye.
and you have Mexicans who are claiming that many dependents but don't have more than 1 or 2. They are getting huge checks from the gov't.
According to the income tax booklet, I qualified for the earned Income Credi, last year...just like the year before. Filled it out on my taxes, but didn't get paid it. (Single person $13,000 in income that year). Have always wondered if it was because I have been very politically conservative in my posts on Facebook. would love to see a rundown on the politics of those who didn't get it and those who did.
and then to add to the mix, you have authors for children and young adults romanticizing the wolves. Series like the one written by Lasky make the wolves seem almost human. They are given human traits instead of theiir natural traits. Kids don't know any different so absorb the info and that is what they remember.
Amy, what you are choosing to believe is that most abortions are due to medical reasons. They are not. What your friend experienced was done by a licensed physician in a hospital and would have been legal even before Roe vs Wade.
Believe the California teacher's union is also in on it.
In Washington state, you still have to have a sexual misconduct form filled out by every district you have owrked for over the last year, just to sub. To be given a contract, it has to be filled out by every district you have ever worked for. State police and fBI background checks are required. One district, close to DC, automatically fires a teacher if drunk in public. Unfortunately, we have some very unscrupulous teacher unions in key states.
and yet the public is demanding that the schools get involved in the student's private lives in regards to bullying. I believe that bullying via technology has no place in the principal's office UNLESS it is happening using school-owned technology. If the parents would take the proof to the police department and let the police deal with it, it would be much more effective.
Don't forget how many Brits move here to avoid the UK's high taxes. Of course this relates mainly to those in the entertainment industry because they are the ones with highly portable jobs.
not to mention that for over a decade walMart has been open extremely late on t?hanksgiving, supposedly after the dinner and visiting is over.
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