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eagles do not live only in the remote parts of the US. In Alaska, they camp out along the roads-well-travelled ones, build nests right in people's backyards, hang around the fishing boats, etc. They are also very good at eating scavenged foods(ie carrion).
the wind farms have been built on bird migratory routes as the bird intelligence makes them want to use the wind to help fly. They are not going to adapt. that is a major fallacy of the believers in evolution.
He has been allowing the wind farms to kill all birds with impunity, already. The wind farms are built on bird migratory routes. They are routinely killing thousands of endangered and protected birds every year. But that is okay because we need to be greener.
You guys need to do some scientific research into what genetically modified means. It is not splicing in Roundup into the seed...it is making it resistant to roundup by using seeds of the same plant that have shown resistance to round up. You alsoneed to realize that the bill was only going to affect food sold in GROCERY stores. already prepared foods from restaurants was going to be excused from the labelling. Some where some dumb politician obviously thought that restaurants do all their buying from local grocery stores. That is not so. All chain restaurants have food supplies shipped in from other states, where the chain has it food prep factories. It also wouldn't apply to meat and dairy products. If the food is bad for us, then the residue would also be in the meat and dairy. Living in the state in question and knowing that the majority of the people living in it are liberal...I did not expect the bill to fail. I am happy it did. Enough liberals must have been able to see the flaws and understand that it had numerous holes in it. BTW, for over 100 years farmers have been trying to choose the best seed for their farming conditions. Why are some seeds more resistent to the bad growing conditions than others? There has been some natural resistaence that has then-as science allowed- been made to be happen due to scientific modification. BTW, if you start noticing your grocery store tomatoes tasting better, over the next 10 years...scientists have now isolated the gene for flavor in tomatoes. They are now splicing it into existing tomatoe seed so that the flavor will improve.
watch carefully. The child will be next in line for the union bullying. There are lots of good teachers who are in the union as many school districts have closed shops. They don't like having to join the union but unless they have a religious reason for not joining, they have no choice. The monies are automatically deducted from their pay checks without any prior obtained approval. There are enough teachers who are ardent members, to make life unpleasant for those who don't want to follow union orders.
explain how YOU know that Dan Savage was joking around.
unfortunately the uninspired, or young, or new teachers are the ones that will fall prey to this the most. And also those in schools where the administration demands that you stick to the book. an dlet us not forget that SNL is on at a time when students need to be sleeping to be fresh for another day of school. Keep them tired and they will accept more claptrap as their critical thinking skills will be dulled.
you are ignoring the fact that NO chaplin of any denomination was allowed to conduct services AND that was even when they were trying to DONATE their services.
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Plastic Bags May Be Banned in Dallas

mhubbard Wrote: Oct 29, 2013 9:26 AM
Several major cities in the Pacific Northwest have already banned them. There is some talk about state-wide bans. It is not the stores who are pushing for this. However, several grocery stores give 5 cents off for each reusable bag that you bring in. As for not washing them...you can't wash the ones sold be the stores more than 2-3 times. Buy some nice well made ones out of heavy fabric. Then you can just throw them in the washer and dryer. I sew them for my sister's farm market stand. I can make them for her, cheaper than her having to buy those ridiculous chinzty ones that all the stores have. She would have had to pay $7 per bag as she can't use the large quantities of the grocery stores. As for the laminated ones that you can just wipe out...they tend to fall apart also.
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