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Is it possible just as WWI was ignited by a lone incident that a America is on the verge of another civil war? Could Ruby Ridge or Waco like incident could possible trigger such a reaction?
Can anyone explain the reason that we must have immigration reform because we need the workers (US Chamber of Commerce), if the number of unemployed or underemployed is still in double digits? When Rome fell to the barbarians, the Romans were incapable of helping themselves, are we at the same juncture?
What is the relation between the increased number of incidents, and the ever tightening restriction on weapon ownership? If gun ownership was a primary cause of these types of incident and it were plotted against the increasing restrictions, should no the slope of the curve be reverse? Yet, the strategy of the regulators continues to pursue the same responses? What is the relationship, between the perpetrators and the use legal drugs, especially the serotonin-uptake-inhibitors? How about the video-games that the perpetrators may be playing? The moral values? etc/
The Volstead ACT barely lasted a decade, even though marijuana prohibition lasted more than a half-a-century, it was still doomed to fail, as long s there was a demand, as there was for alcohol. The real question that should be being asked, is for what reason are the same busy bodies increasingly prohibiting the use of tobacco? The tax revenue? Alcohol was only prohibited, after the introduction of a tax on Income, to replace the than major source of federal revenue fro the tax on alcohol. Now, in government's ever increasing search for new revenue, the legalization of marijuana is seen as a godsend. Perhaps this will lead to the Prohibition of tobacco, as the tax revenue from tobacco will have been replaced. Interestingly though the government preaches about the risks of the use of tobacco, as significant proportion of the population, ignores the warnings/ The warning promulgated against marijuana apparently is now obsolete? What next opiates for rest and relaxation?
So the "dumbocrats" are unhappy, about legislation that they unanimously voted for without debating the merits or even reading the proposal.
The education system cannot be fixed, by continually expanding the bureaucracy, it will only improve when the bureaucracy collapses and is resurrected from the foundation, from which it arose. Like the mythical Phoenix, it will emerge from the ashes.
If 52 Million people are going to be affected negatively by this preposterous act? Who are the 15 million that were negatively affected by the system as it was? This is a typical bureacratic boondoggle, meant to solidify the position of a party with a minority of non-pproducers, only to take it again from producers.
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Wendy Davis Makes it Official

mhorvath Wrote: Oct 04, 2013 3:55 PM
hopefully she will not procreate.
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The Death of the Hillary Movies

mhorvath Wrote: Oct 04, 2013 3:53 PM
Unless the RNC selects at least half of the debate moderators, there should be no debates. If the Republicans again allow the MSM and DEMO-rats to select the Republican nominee, it is time to abandon the Republican party.
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