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The Comfort of Welfare

mhood175 Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 12:38 PM
DENMARK, you cannot use total numbers - but blacks do because for some reason they think that makes them look better! It doesn't, it just hides the facts is all. They know they take more freebies than any other race in the USA - so do you, but like them, YOU like to throw a wrench in the bottle works to make it look like the blacks are NOT the entitled and getting benefits they don't really deserve but, guy, WE know better! Take away the freebies and see what you get! Try it! I dare you! The ally's will be filled with beggers, not workers, but that is what they have learned to do - beg and take, NOT to work for what they get!
This week Japan announced its intention to cut welfare payments by a billion dollars over the next three years because people live too comfortably.

Imagine that, a government would actually tell its citizens you are getting fat and lazy and have no incentive to work because someone else pays your bills. We just found out you can't get government work by telling citizens they're takers. But after its economy derailed, Japan slipped into a two-decade slumber marked by people giving up on old beliefs and traditions like Japan's legendary work ethic. When we thought Japan would conquer the world, including the...
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