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Too many like McConnell, McCain & Graham getting rich...like expecting a wet sponge to dry dishes... When they've never done anything but "public service," but are now, magically mulit-millionaires, it's not likely they're going to give that up.
who is it that still fawns over this lying juvenile clown?
surprised they didn't burst into flame at her touch.
what happened to "they are born that way?" Clearly running out of ways to spend other people's money to bankrupt the system.
just another mindless paid troll from the droolling sycophants...no genuine thought, only pointing fingers and stompy feet...with no sense of same or decency.
Since when do we consider "bribes and coercion" to be "seeking approval?" What a joke!
While jugears gives the magic words to illegals and terrorists to enter the country, flushes our tax dollars down the drain with private planes for the dog to go on yet another vacation, glad to see ole Randy has his priorities straight. Fiddling while the U.S.A. burns...
like that "blind pig that finds the occasional acorn," Powers can rarely recognize the truth, but she's overlooking the "stunning stupidity of all those supporters of Davis, commonly known as "libtards"
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Undoing the Brainwashing

mhojai Wrote: May 22, 2013 12:42 AM
I have great respect for Mr. Sowell, and while I appreciate his optimism, I'm disappointed to see that he presumes the intense brainwashing of today's students is susceptible to mere logic and counter arguments. I'm afraid that train has passed. Most I've seen don't have the capacity to read, let alone the patience and integrity necessary to read something they have been conditioned and indoctrinated to disbelieve.
This gives me some hope that, one day the world may regain its sanity and even jugears will get what he deserves. (Not going to hold my breath on that)
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