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First Polls Close in New Hampshire, Romney Ties Obama

mharris Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 7:35 AM
Unbelievable. 50% of the people have apparently been living in an alternate universe for the last 3 years and 10 months. 50% of the people voted for Obama, a more polished community organizer than Jesse Jackson but still a community organizer. 50% of the people voted for Obama who wrote in his own book that working for a private sector company seemed to be operating "behind enemy lines". 50% of the voters gave the nod to Obama, a guy whose close associates were a communist terrorist (Bill Ayers), a convicted felon (Tony Rezko) and a race-baiting, hate monger (Jeremiah Wright). If this is what passes for leadership and a "great uniter" in this country, we're hopelessly lost.

Dixville Notch, the sleepy unincorporated in northern New Hampshire, enjoys a historic status as the nation's first precinct to report election day results. And this year, President Obama has tied Mitt Romney, 5-5.

Historically, Dixville Notch has trended heavily Republican, but Barack Obama became the first Democrat to win the small early vote in 2008, defeating John McCain by nine votes.

Dixville Notch's turnout is incredible. The 2010 census found 12 people who lived in the township, 10 of whom were registered voters - and all ten voted.

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