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How about if God just treats America the same way that he treated Sodom and Gomorrah? That's about what we deserve at this point. These schools should be concerned about one thing and one thing only; offering a quality education to every student who wants to actually learn. This other stuff is just a load of cr@p.
Well that's one approach. I'm hoping one of the Dems proposes that. It is, in fact, an immediate solution opportunity that should be seriously considered.
No amount of Mainstream Media coverage of the collapse of Western Europe (Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, etc.) is enough to convince most Americans that we are headed down the same damn path. Socialism destroys.
You knocked it out of the park. A huge percentage of voters and citizens are really stupid and moronic.
The astonishing thing is that these imbecilic,stupid moron keep getting elected by the citizenry.
Kind of interesting, isn't it? You have all of these supposedly learned people voting for the same leftist cr@p decade after decade.
Only a Flat Earth Society charter member could propose spending MORE money on a program that is already pays out more in benefits annually than it takes in. If these meddling lawmakers want to reform retirement savings programs, they could start by eliminating the cap on annually contributions to 401k and IRA plans. What better way to allow citizens to prepare for their retirement than to allow them to put as much money into retirement savings plans as they can possible allocate?
A tax haven? Oh, that's rich. More like a tax Hell.
Perhaps Mr. Bloomberg is trying to erase feelings of guilt. For what, I have no idea. He acts like a meddling Mother, always trying to "help" a wayward child. Unfortunately, this is the attitude of so many Progressives who believe that the unwashed masses need constant "guidance" from their betters.
I see the goal of gay marriage advocates as one of legitimizing that which has, historically, not been viewed as legitimate. In fact, I see a lot of the actions of community organizers, activists or whatever as having the same end game; that of legitimizing that which has, heretofore, been viewed as illegitimate or just plain wrong. Once, unmarried pregnant women were sent away to have their babies with out-of-town relatives. Today, those babies are aborted or we set-up daycare facilities in high schools. It used to be unacceptable in society not to work, if you were able bodied. Today, it has become a game as to how much money and benefits you can soak from the taxpayers' teat. Much of this has its roots, in my opinion, in the 1960s "do it if it feels good" movement. In other words, if I want to do it, it's okay because it is want I want. Whether you call it a selfish, me-first attitude or somewhat hedonistic, the result is the same. So many believe that they are owed whatever they want; housing, food, cellphones, etc. The work ethic is being destroyed because there are so many "help" programs available that millions of people feel they can "get by" on what handouts they can take from the government. Pitiful.
The fines recently handed out to JP Morgan are another example of the current government punishing a company that didn't want to support its actions. This nation is on a slippery slope, punishing its detractors and rewarding its allies.
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