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Harry Reid is Lucifer's Hand Puppet

mhamilton406 Wrote: Apr 04, 2014 1:13 PM
Harry Reid is Lucifer's Hand Puppet Sure seems like it doesn't it?!!
but you would try them in a court of law as adults? You can't have it both ways either they are adults with all of the rights and responsibilities of adults or they are children with no rights or responsibilities for their actions. I for one would rather have them be adults. The problem is that they are idiots and irresponsible. That is the fault of their parents and of the liberal school system that produced them. If you raise them properly then there would not be any need for this discussion.
The problem isn't that young people can vote - it is that they are idiots. Not allowing them to vote until say 21 only extends their adolescence with is detrimental to the country. If young people had to be responsible then they would learn conservative values very quickly. Unfortunately they are being indoctrinated at a early age by the liberal education system then coddled by overprotective parents who won't even allow them to walk home from the school bus stop in their own neighborhoods. Few if any teenagers hold jobs( their jobs are being done by mexicans) so the have no sense of responsibility. In fact, it is very common for a kid to not have had a job until they leave college. The overextension of adolescence is the problem - resulting in perpetual teenagers that never grow up emotionally or intellectually.
correction - awareness is not a liberal trait.
ugly women secretly want men to be attracted to them and desperately jealous of attractive women for the same reason.
their arms aren't the only part of their bodies that are hairy
the fake indian - you have got to be kidding me!
Obviously its not. The unnecessary termination of life is completely alien to the purpose of health care- which is to sustain life and improve the quality of life. Abortion ends life - period.
Hannity, Levin, Limbaugh(both of them) have never hid their political agendas. They have always been out front and proud of their political leanings. Oprah is an entertainer and has chosen to support the democratic party, socialist politics and the politics of race. She should not be surprised if she is attacked for her beliefs and loses popularity and support. She decided to make her activism public and as such has waded in the political arena where all is fair. I for one have never like the woman and never bought her "color blind" act. Like so many black entertainers they are anything but color blind.
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