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The Democrat Convention: As Pagan As They Wanna Be

mhaggqvist Wrote: Sep 08, 2012 4:10 AM
Well if the mormon, you know the guys who belives Jesus went to America, had a bunch of wifes and so on, winns, well have even less christianity....
annfan_777 Wrote: Sep 08, 2012 6:27 AM
That is pure religious bigotry.

Obama is a rotten president, hostile to Christianity, and must be defeated at all costs.
Anybody slightly to the right politically of Arlen Specter has been struggling to define the freak show that was the just concluded Democrat Party Convention in Charlotte.

Terms du jour such as liberal, leftist, Marxist, or even statist don’t seem to fully encapsulate exactly what was on display this week. There’s a reason for that. That terminology is the result of the worldview that has now been fully embraced by the leadership of the Democrat Party, as well as many of its delegates. But that terminology itself doesn’t explain why we saw what we saw.

The word...