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Oboy so stupid...
Well china has more abortions... Oh and they do wery well... Why no destruction for them? Stop beliving in fairytales from the bronze age and grow up.
You lost to us godless, does it mean god ignored your prayers? Hahaha no one cares about god anymore.
Go have a cup og tea loooooooser! Hahaha!
Hahaha, you lost!
So does Obamas winn = no god? Must be... Ir maybe god thinks your a biggot to.... Loser... 4 more years, hell yeah! Hahaha eat that conservagoons!
You lost, your ideas will loose next election too. No one under 60 cares for your antic opinion. How does it feel to be a loooooooser? Hahaha!
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A Warning to Moral Conservatives

mhaggqvist Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 1:13 AM
Obama won, so you can all get lost, no one wants you conservigoons any more. You lost, loooooppppsers! Haha!
Four more years! In your face fundi-republigoons! Haaaaaaaaaahaaaaaa!
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Of Mitts and Muslims

mhaggqvist Wrote: Sep 17, 2012 1:45 AM
Well whats your expertise? "I can read the bible and fire a gun!" Obama will win, look at the polls... Four more years, yesssss!
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