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The Truth About Guns and Taxes

mguy Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 5:12 AM
So not only is tax money or loaned money from China filtered through to the vicious drug cartels, but Eric Holder even armed these gangs with the same weapons he wants to confiscate from conservative, capitalist, Constitution-loving, law-abiding American citizens. Add to this hypocrisy, the financial aid and arms sent to the Sunni Jihadist in the Muslim Brotherhood and you can see this Democratic Administration wants to arm Saudi-controlled, Arab Spring" Sunni terrorist who will be killing Shia, Christians , Jews and socialists throughout the world, including America. But this Administration and its Democrats want to abrogate and nullify our social contract, i.e. the Constitution with its Bill of Rights and then confiscate property to w

Consider it an exercise in ying and yang philosophy. Government loves the revenue mechanism of taxation. In addition to garnishing an ever growing piece of the average American paycheck, government can tax behaviors. We have taxes on cigarettes, alcohol, and even property. Commerce is taxed. Investment is taxed. Labor is taxed. We even have a brand new tax that is levied upon an increasingly larger group of Americans for not purchasing a particular health insurance. (Hat tip to Justice Roberts.)

And while it is not difficult to grasp the government’s ever emphatic love affair with the 16th...

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