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The Truth About Guns and Taxes

mguy Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 5:09 AM
Every Roman Dictator since Julius Caesar kept up the pretext of a Roman republic by affixing the letters SPQR to their tyrannical decrees; For the Senate and the People of Rome. The Roman tribunes and Senators were as ineffectual and vestigial after Cicero as our legislators seem to be. WE have a Socialist Sun King who can recite Louis XIV with equal vehemence, "Etate c'est moi" “I am the state”. This Administration armed Mexican drug lords in Fast and Furious. The drug lords make their millions because this administration gives welfare, SSI and EBT to addicts. This administration extorts tax money from you and then gives it to parasites in the HHS welfare society so that these Obama voters will enhance the profits of violent drug

Consider it an exercise in ying and yang philosophy. Government loves the revenue mechanism of taxation. In addition to garnishing an ever growing piece of the average American paycheck, government can tax behaviors. We have taxes on cigarettes, alcohol, and even property. Commerce is taxed. Investment is taxed. Labor is taxed. We even have a brand new tax that is levied upon an increasingly larger group of Americans for not purchasing a particular health insurance. (Hat tip to Justice Roberts.)

And while it is not difficult to grasp the government’s ever emphatic love affair with the 16th...

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