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Shed a Tear for those Under-Appreciated Bureaucrats Who Get Lavish Pensions and Live in $700K Homes

mguy Wrote: Mar 02, 2013 4:51 AM
Loans are made with conditions and pledges of collateral favorable to the plutocratic lenders to Washington, Beijing lends back some of its free trdae, profits while Saudi Arabia lends back some of its oil revenues to keep our American President's progressive Potemkin village going, Our children will be paying in perpetuaity to these foreign plutocrats, the way the colonist did the the feudal lords of the British empire. Soon the Zionist of Manhattan and owners of the Federal Reserve Bank will demand their physical assets.. The US Treasury is now a de facto subsidiary of Goldman Sachs. The Chinese politburo will demand our acquiesence as China absorbs all of Asia into an empire greater than Kublai Khan's. The Saudi sheiks will dem
JimofCT Wrote: Mar 02, 2013 6:32 AM
Valid points get lost when stupiddty is demonstrated cby exhibition of ridiculas bias. Using the anti-semitic name calling "Zionist of Manhatten" is enough to disqualify credibility hence the valid points are ignored, Not too bright!

When I first read this story in the Washington Post about supposedly under-appreciated federal bureaucrats, I was tempted to focus on the sentence referring to “the sledgehammer of budget cuts scheduled to hit today.”

Is the Washington Post so biased and/or clueless that reporters really think that a 1.2 percent reduction in overall spending for the current fiscal year (which means the federal budget would still be larger than...