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Michelle Malkin Talks Gun Confiscation

mguy Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 12:15 PM
The government gives EBT, welfare and SSI to addicts precisely so the gang and violence culture will florish The NEA and Dems give inadequate education to minority students, This I know I taught Biology in an inner city. Welfare ejects te fathers and destroys families. If that is not enough , eric Holder arms the drug gangs, That is why no drug testing to reveive entitlements,

Last week during a radio interview, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said gun confiscation was on the table as a way to prevent the next mass shooting. He also said mandatory gun buybacks were an option, which is basically the government paying people to confiscate their guns. Michelle Malkin discussed Cuomo's hypocritical and dangerous plans last night on Hannity. She also touches on Senator Diane Feinstein's plans to re-introduce gun control legislation in January.