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Anti-Religion Group Blasts Teen Valedictorian’s Prayer

mgusti Wrote: Jun 07, 2013 11:17 AM
I don't believe in religion but I also dont believe in persecuting any one who does. The Lords prayer in school is ok with me Or better yet how about a whole minute for believers to pray quietly in school or anywhere the feel the need. What does it hurt? I have two kids, one believes and one does not. Is this not the way things should be done. I feel you have the right to believe the way you want and anyone who does not like your way can go away and find their own beliefs. I feel this young man had every right to a prayer in school, and the right to protest the denial of his right. Most religions preach tolerance toward other religions and non believers. I feel atheist should practice tolerance too. I don't believe but I feel you have the right to if you want. I really dislike religion knocking on my door but, I can forgive because I might come knocking one day over something I believe in.
caspr Wrote: Jun 07, 2013 11:50 AM
First, if you mgusti are really an unbeliever, I pray for your salvation and for that of your unbelieving child.The Lord came to seek and save the lost, and His mission will not fail. Second, if there were another 40 million Americans like you we wouldn't be having these problems with FFRF!