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Yeah, my younger brother, or ex-brother as I call him now, recently told me the only reason I don't like Obama is because he's black. I suggested if I hated him for being black, I must love half of him--you know, the white half.
The real question which needs to be asked is why are Christians still volunteering to serve in the armed forces when those forces are sworn to preserve and protect nation which is progressively more hostile to their beliefs?
Um, I think you mean fewer and fewer of you, not less and less of you, unless, of course, you believe all your ideological foes are on a diet.
Er, Mr. Mitchell, that was Peter O'Toole who was mad as hell. Peter Sellers liked to watch . . .
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Women in Combat

mgoodell Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 2:38 PM
It was back in the Clinton administration that this issue last raised its ugly head, though Clinton--for all his wretchedness he did actually love his country--didn't pursue the matter. I remember reading the words of one of the feminist advocates of women in combat who maintained that putting women in harm's way might actually "help change the warrior cutlure" then extant in the military. I remember thinking at the time that the one thing I wanted from my military was a warrior culture. Clearly the fellow currently Occupying the White House has different expectations for our soldiers.
Barone gets close to the matter here, when he ascribes Obama's choices as a reflection of hostility towards those with the temerity to disagree with him. Close, but not entirely there. The simple fact of the matter is, Obama wants to destroy the Republican Party as a political force in this country. Read "A One-Party State? under the Blog tab at http://www.mlgoodell.webs.com
But the GOP doesn't believe in man-caused Climate Change, which is as close as we come to religious myth in our faux-secularized post-millennial culture.
And in southern California they are going gaga over unusually cold temperatures. In Tucson they are experiencing their third consecutive winter of damaging temperatures well below freezing. Weather is weather and has nothing to do, on a short term basis, with climate. Climate is ever in flux. It is the nature of the atmosphere.
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On Newtown, Mourn First, Then Act

mgoodell Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 1:26 PM
Jonah's comments reflect my motto: Legislate in haste, litigate at your leisure.
Para 2, Line 1: "It is past time Barack Obama be held accountable for his intentionally irresponsible fiscal policies . . . " Is this an awkward attempt to recreate an "ebonic way of speaking," an example of really bad writing or even worse editing? Let's spend a little more time on our work, shall we?
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