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The Obama Culture Arrives

mglanville Wrote: Dec 28, 2012 12:28 AM
No, actually, Family Guy is not funny. It's cheap. It's for idiots. What MacFarlaine does is takes a TV show or film and makes fun of it with a deliberate, almost flagrant knock off of The Simpsons. He always shoots for something low-brow, knowing precisely who his audience is. He has no use for anything remotely decent. Contrast that with Cheers or Frasier, something far more intelligent. Or how about the Marx Brothers? Seth is a mental dwarf compared to those talents.
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Finally, My Views on Gold

mglanville Wrote: Dec 15, 2012 12:31 AM
What would going to a gold standard do, and should we do this?
They never stop. They never stop trying to force Reality to conform to their views.
DC needs to burn. Along with every public sector union employee.
No, what we said was that he did the right thing. It was Democrats who consorted to commit treason in the face of the enemy, which is what they did. It was Democrats who didn't want us to aid the Contras, people fighting for Freedom against Communists, which you so love. Given that Reagan and Republicans have evil turncoats masquerading as loyal Americans on our shores in elected office, something had to be done. Whatever, though, right? Which is the act of Treason?
Both of those statements were true. It's idiots like you who didn't want to believe it. But, it's more important to note that when your master, The One, who does far worse, like commit numerous acts of Treason, that you don't say a word. Who needs the punishment more?
No, cretin. It's your master that did it, for refusing to accommodate the GOP in the House. Because you and you ilk are evil and irresponsible. You wanted to destroy the country by bankrupting it, robbing liberties and destroying the rule of law through your reckless spending and irresponsibility. Why should we compromise with Treason?
When are we going to stop calling Treason just a matter of Incompetence?
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Mitt Romney, Big-Government Man

mglanville Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 7:53 PM
Well, John....I guess we should vote for Obama then. I guess if it isn't Ron Paul, nobody's good enough for you. That's the reason why Libertarians are never taken seriously.
Libertarians, by and large, ignore the role religion and family play in a society. They may know a lot about Adam Smith, and agree with Thomas Jefferson, but they tend to ignore the likes of George Washington, who pointed out Indispensible Supports that keep a society Free, and what he was talking about was the tendency of people to fall prey to their own desires and lusts, and being subverted from without. We suffer from that today. A culture cannot remain free if its citizens do not understand their civic duty to be mindful with the Freedoms they have.
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