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Just Who Are the Fools

How about a liberal(not a politician I grant) saying on national tv that when Polanski drugged and sodamized a teenaged girl it was not RAPE rape. NO outrage from the liberal press. ZIP. And you are, of course, taking the liberal press grape kool aid view. No where did ANYONE say the RAPE was a gift. Unlike liberals WE believe that a CHILD is a gift and the CHILD did no one any harm. Liberals, of course believe the child should have the death penalty for what a crazed man(who probably voted democrat as most felons so) did to a woman.

A regular reader e-mailed me the morning after Obama's election victory, "You should probably leave the country. best for all concerned. slam the door on yer way out."

I replied, "Saving the future of America has never been a sprint.... It's a marathon. It's not a movie; it's a soap opera. It's not bad enough yet for people to wake up to reality. You're stuck with me, like I am stuck with you. America now will get what it voted for. I pray that my assessment of our short-term future as a result of this election does not come to...