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It really shouldn't surprise anyone that this would be Obama's choice. He put a man in charge of the schools who failed to report KNOWN abuse. Mr(hope you know how to use a condom) Jennings. I wonder how many other boys that man has abused in the last 20 years. If it had been a College coach he would have been fired.
Read it again. I think you just skimmed it because you miss the whole point. The guy already had council. He had been convicted and had lost multiple appeals. This man CHOSE to ADVOCATE for him. Because the pooooor little black dude should be able to get away with cold blooded murder because of his skin color.
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The 'Fairness' Fraud

I'm married but it would make no difference. As far as the "violence against women act" I have my OWN program. It's called a KAHR pm 9. The bigotry here is almost as bad as the liberal sites I've been too.. Seem MEN can't resist huh?
They hate anyone who disagree with them.
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Random Thoughts

I got the impression it was about a woman not caring about herself enough to be the best she could. NOT that it was all about looks.
I am a Reagan fan BUT the experiment in amnesty was a failure. Here we are back where we began.
I've watched both too. Agree. Excellent
Amen Darby! No who is pro life could believe that the murder of any child is ok.
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