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I see more Christian comments as the day gets longer. The athiests had their say while we were all at Church this morning.
I agree 100% with Mr. Giles and appreciate this column so much I am reposting it. This concurs with what I read in my Bible and hear preached every Lord's Day with my Bible in my lap. I would have even gone farther than Mr. Giles to proclaim that the Bible, God's Holy Word, also makes a promise about Jesus Christ's second coming. Unbelievers are no more ready for that than they are for His first coming. "It cannot be moral to burden a newborn with a debt it did not incur" was quoted earlier. Isn't that exactly what the Obama administration and Congress have done to current newborns?
Quick, name all of your neighbors from two years ago.
Please show some respect. None of you below would have gone to aid someone in trouble. All the best in the world and prayers for comfort to this neighbor's family.
I would consider it a badge of honor to be booed by the AARP. AARP will probably boo Ryan's mother.
"Phantom, stranger, virtual, tiny island" ....who's living in an alternate universe?
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