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Drought! Famine! Global…Cooling?

mforti Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 11:25 AM
Check your reading comprehension. I pointed out that the liberal 'scientists' were predicting that POLLUTION was bringing a new ice age. They predicted that by the year 2000, we'd be in record cold temps and billions would be dead. NONE of that came to pass... just as the ozone threat disappeared... just like the global warming has gone... just like the 'carbon' theories will be gone. Sooner or later, they'll find something else to act as their quixotic windmill. Your next ice age may or may not happen, and it will likely take hundreds or even thousands of years to manifest. Mankind might be able to stop it simply by spreading soil or other dark colored material on the ice (absorbing more sunlight instead of reflecting it away).

Climate experts from United Kingdom’s National Weather Service told the world that while is was not unusual for pauses in global warming that last for a decade to occur once every eighty years or so, there was no way that one could last for 15 years or more according to their climate model.

Oops. Their mistake, I guess.

Maybe that’s why when the United Kingdom’s National Weather Service updated their data and it showed that global warming has been paused for the last 16 years, they remained mum.

“The world stopped getting warmer almost 16 years ago, according to new...