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Serving Bambi to an Anti-Hunter

mforti Wrote: Dec 13, 2014 8:03 AM
Sometimes, I think of escaping the northeast, but family and friends keep me here. I am firmly entrenched about a hundred miles behind enemy lines in the People's Sozialist Republik of Taxachusetts. While I was born here, my heart and mind share the bonds of brotherhood with those who breath free in the south, the west and the far north. I camp, hike and hunt, wearing the drab fatigues that others might call 'camouflage'. However, my TRUE camouflage is worn when I don my weekday clothes and attempt to blend in with the effete, pampered masses that call this area home. I get to listen with amusement as city-dwelling liberals lecture on the wonders of "nature"... while most of them have never actually set foot off man made surfaces. Even those that have ventured into the woods, almost never leave well-prepared, man-made hiking trails (lest they trample some unsuspecting plant). When I serve game, I dare not tell family, friends or colleagues what they are eating (at least not until AFTER they've eaten it). Venison becomes "beef", rabbit becomes "chicken", etc. My "Beef Goulash" (Bambi stew) is a favorite at the company Christmas party. My relatives love my "chicken ala king" (cubed squirrels in Campbell's cream of mushroom soup served over rice). I can't begin to describe how much FUN I have serving game to those who would be HORRIFIED at the thought of hunting. It almost makes it worth living here... almost.
Let me start by saying that I agree that there IS massive voter fraud in every election... all Democrat, and on many fronts. However, one machine doesn't make for a conspiracy.There's no telling how these machines are constructed. I'm betting on very old school tech (ie: Programmable Logic Controller based system with individually addressed memory locations). This machine (as with all the others there) HAD been used in the primary election runoff, so there's a real chance that a single address location didn't update when that machine was reprogrammed with the new (main election) choices. As I said, I AM concerned with rampant voter fraud. This includes precincts that report with 110% voter turnout. It includes busloads of union goons riding from precinct to precinct to vote. We have Dem buses cruising cities and bribing homeless people with cigarettes and booze to vote. We have unsupervised union print shops being used to make paper ballots (which is how Dem precincts "magically" find boxes full of uncounted ballots whenever there's a close election). And finally we have tens of millions of dead and/or ineligible voters who are still registered (and thus the busloads of union goons with lists of names to vote under). As such, a single machine with an issue (whether hardware error, human error... or even intentional tampering) doesn't concern me all that much. It's the very REAL and systemic fraud that truly scares me.
Libs don't consider it a "waste" when they're spending magic pennies from heaven (ie: taxpayer dollars). However, when it's THEIR money, they suddenly turn into fiscal conservatives. Funny how that works, hmm?
This is TRULY DELICIOUS... 27 senators who voted for Obamacare are now looking for new jobs. Harry Reid has lost his seat as majority leader and will now have to run for the minority leader spot. Early in the election cycle, Nancy Pelosi had expressed hopes of regaining her old majority seat. That is now so far in the rear view mirror (about 60 seats back) as to be a pipe-dream. When all is tallied, Republicans will have their largest majority on Capitol Hill since the 1940's.State races were similarly abysmal for the DNC. Conservatives won state 24 governor races last night... liberals only won 7. When the dust settles, it appears that conservative governors will hold 33 states, with Democrats occupying only 17. Perhaps most gratifying, Obama's home state of Illinois now has a Republican governor.
He wasn't actually lying. The Obama administration doesn't simply "view things through a political lens". That would be putting it WAY too mildly! They suck their very oxygen from the political winds, gain their life's nourishment from the teats of cronyism, and their lifeblood is sapped from the veins of taxpayers. If deprived of the cameras that feed their narcissism, they would wither and turn to dust..
The first 6 years of Bush (w' Republican congress) saw RECORD SETTING economic growth, 4% unemployment numbers, flourishing business and stock markets, and a growing middle class. Then the Dems took control of congress (January, 2007), and they started to spend. They spent TRILLIONS, and just kept on spending. They started meddling in housing, banking, energy, and dumping piles of regulations on businesses all across the nation. Within a year they managed to turn the economy around... and put us into economic FREEFALL. The house of cards they created with Fannie/Freddie came tumbling down, and their bank meddling and regulations caused some of the largest banks to fail. They dumped 6 TRILLION dollars in toxic loans into the markets, and caused the stock markets to sink to rock bottom... and took our retirement funds with it. They blamed Bush for the whole thing, touted Obama as the cure and put him in office. And through all this, they weren't even able to pass a single budget... not one. The "improvement" you cite has only started since the Republicans regained the house. You dem-wits call it "obstructionism", but when they're obstructing the economy killing liberal tax and spend agenda, then sure, it's an improvement. If you want the economy to REALLY recover, just wait until the Republicans regain the senate!
- Obama and the liberals have moved AGAINST states purging their voter lists of ineligible voters (people who have moved, illegal aliens, convicts, deceased etc). - Obama and the liberals have moved AGAINST requiring ID to vote. Photo ID requirements would negate the millions of union goons being bussed from precinct to precinct voting in the name of DEAD and ineligible voters. - Obama and the liberals are AGAINST replacing outdated voting/balloting systems that are easily hacked. He wants to keep this method of fraud alive and well for as long as possible. - Obama and the liberals are FOR massive programs to register welfare recipients. It doesn't matter if they are too lazy to show up and vote... the aforementioned union goons will vote in their place. - Obama and the liberals are FOR printed ballots made by printers unions. They print off MILLIONS of extras to keep on hand. This is how they mysteriously 'find' boxes of uncounted votes (all Dem votes) in precinct back rooms when there's a close election. - And Obama has moved AGAINST giving overseas military the chance to vote. This isn't new... Al Gore and other Dems have attempted to get boxes of military absentee ballots thrown out on many occasions. ALL of this paints a very simple picture... IT'S FRAUD ON A MASSIVE SCALE
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Dem Pollster: Yep, We're in Trouble

mforti Wrote: Mar 26, 2014 4:42 PM
Not sure where you're getting this idea that "bipartisanship thrives". The media LOVES to portray Marxists and RINO's as "bipartisan", "centrist" or "middle of the road". They likewise portray any Republican who doesn't cave to Democrat demands as "extremist" or "hard-right". However, we elected a decent crop of Tea Party in the last midterms, and they're (mostly) sticking to their guns. Sure the liberals hate them, the media hates them, and even some of the establishment Republican RINO's hate them... but through all that... they're sticking to their guns. And here we go again into the next midterm cycle and we have a LOT of seats we the people can take back from the left. Let's pack that senate with anti-establishment candidates, and then we can start talking about impeachment proceedings.
Let's hope there's some "minor scorching" in the career paths of the BATFE heirarchy.
Liberals claimed government could make insurance CHEAPER... guess what... they LIED! Liberals claimed you'd be able to keep your own PLAN... guess what... they LIED! Liberals claimed you'd be able to keep your own DOCTOR... guess what... they LIED! Liberals claimed NO NEW TAXES on the middle class ... guess what... they LIED! Liberals claimed annual premium SAVINGS of $2,500 ... guess what... they LIED! Liberals claimed NO INCREASE in the deficit ... guess what... they LIED! Liberals claimed companies wouldn't dump their current health plans... guess what ... they LIED! Liberals claimed businesses would NOT cut peoples hours to avoid Obamacare regulations ... guess what ... they LIED! Liberals claimed the government wouldn't have access to personal info (health records, bank accounts, etc)... guess what ... they LIED! Liberals claimed the IRS wasn't going to grow in scope or power as a result of Obamacare ... guess what ... they LIED!
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