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Is it just me? Or is someone still smoking? His voice sounds more like a smokers voice than it used to.
The Pres. says that it's all about politics and destroying unions. Maybe that does come into play, but considering what unions have done to Michigan and especially Detroit (a virtual ghost town), it's about time that the unions were taken down a few notches. Maybe if the unions didn't run the auto industry we could have competitive US automakers again (both in quality and in price).
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Our Liar President

Mexicopete Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 12:26 PM
Someone needs to be probing to find out if there was a motive for wanting the ambassador killed. It just seems to convenient to me that he was hung out to dry so blatantly by his boss.
Actually, I agree with Texan73. She used to be more about substance, but in the last couple years, especially in interview situations, she has become more about tactics than substance. I'm not saying she doesn't have substance, but that it seems to take a back seat these days.
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