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The End Of The Karl Rove Death Grip Signals A Reagan Renaissance

metallic Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 9:52 PM
Texans sure are moochers - “The state demonstrated that the costs that were generated (by the fires) were above and beyond the state and local capabilities,” said Jacqueline Chandler, a spokeswoman for FEMA's regional office in Denton. The political fight broke out in May when FEMA rejected Gov. Rick Perry's request for aid. Perry appealed the decision May 26. In a written statement Friday, Perry said, “President Obama's decision to finally approve a portion of our disaster designation request is good for Texas and some of the communities impacted by this season's wildfires. Read more:
Think Freely Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 7:38 AM
Ah yes, another person using the "Hypocrisy" method of supporting their Philosophy. The idea is if they can find something they think is inconsistant with the Philosophy of conservatism being done by a "conservative" then our whole thinking is rejected. So?? We should do what? Change our philosophy? Vote for those who are not hypocrites but outright enemies with a totally different philosophy? Or reserve all FEMA funds for states who share Obama's Philosophy?
Liberals do not grasp the distinction between Ronald Reagan and (either) George Bush. This blind spot creates a massive confusion and hazard to their ambitions. Obama defeated neither the Reagan Narrative nor Team Reagan. Team Bush appropriated, and then marginalized, both. Obama beat Team Bush, not Team Reagan. The implications are huge.

There was a touchy relationship between President Reagan and his Vice President George H.W. Bush. They were rivals during the primaries. Bush attacked the Reagan economic agenda as “voodoo economics.” Bush served faithfully as VP for eight years but Reagan and Bush never warmed to one another. There...