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Angry Obama Dares GOP To "Go After Me" Instead of Susan Rice on Benghazi

metallic Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 4:46 PM
Chaffetz reveals an ongoing theme of Republican action since 2010 and that is not providing the needed resources on key areas then blaming the Administration when things go wrong. This policy has effected too many of our vital needs and I suspect with a Republican House is still in place, we'll see massive cuts to the FDA, CDC, EPA and probably to air safety as well all so that when Americans die, people like Chaffetz can blame the President.

If Susan Rice knew nothing about Benghazi as Obama declares here, why did Obama send her (as he informs us here) on every Sunday talk show to speak on behalf of the his administration? And by the way Mr. President Straw Man, we have been "coming after you" about Benghazi but you have told us nothing.