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As usual, the Demoncrats are lying...the important systems will be functoning and their employees will be paid. Who WON"T BE PAID are Oblunder's lacky bureaucrats. We need to CLOSE DOWN DHS.
He moved it from being over his mouth.
The department should be completely shut down just to get rid of the muslims running it and because there are already systems in place to perform security needed. DHS has actually PREVENTED immigration law from being enforced!
I think this particular moron and illustrated that a college degree does NOT imply intelligence. Can you scream "YEEEEE _ HAAAAWWwwwwww!"
Muslims are both pigs and liars...we already no what they lying pig POTUS will say and NO ONE with a functioning cerebrum believes him.
First, ISIS has NO credibility. They are simply murderous bastards. Second, this poor woman. without a doubt, suffered at their hands in the most vile manner. Third, will they return her body for an autopsy? Finally, I don't believe airstrikes killed her (re: Item one) but if it is true, she died a better death than what they would have done to her.
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Obama's Narcissistic Dissing of Israel

messcatzoe Wrote: Jan 30, 2015 10:09 AM
I don't understand how anyone can have watched Ovomit systematically appease Muslim Terrorists while making policy/executive actions that endanger this nation and her allies - and NOT understand that the hope and change he is working is to make the US a Mussleman nation!
Ransom, did you write this? It has too many grammatical errors for me to share.
There are no English words to properly describe how disgusting Obama, his administration, his goons are nor how totally embarrassing it is to have this TYPE of individual(s) in powerful positions. Unlike Moochelle, I am now totally embarrassed of my country!
You need to take your droopy old teabags back to media matters, moron. No one with a functioning brain cell pay attention to anything on LSD or ABC - or idiots like you.
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