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I don't know what they put in the water where you live, Rodney, but maybe you'd better check it out. You can't fit 30 million people in a Sarah Palin speaking event.
I will watch with interest and keep my fingers crossed she comes off well. Now I'm going to rail on the Palin people! She needs to do this for HER, to expand her appeal, to show herself as a serious person. She does not need to preach to the choir. Do you not want her to be taken seriously by more people? Do you not want her to expand her appeal? I really fail to understand some folks who seem to want her to keep being a victim of the left and the butt of jokes just so you can have something to scream about. Let her broaden her horizons - she'll still be the same person, just have a bigger fan base.
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Left's Next Target: Ann Romney

MERoy Wrote: Apr 02, 2012 4:40 PM
I hate it when people go after spouses. Spouses aren't coached, they are on the "support team", rarely professional politicians themselves, are mocked when they say things that come out the wrong way. The spouse is usually the "power behind the throne" with the emphasis on "behind". I know politicians have to trot out their spouses to show solidarity, what nice families they have, etc., but the more successful political spouses often remain in the background and like it that way. I would rather families retained their privacy but the reality is when your husband or wife or father or mother is a politician, you are thrust into the spotlight, in front of the open mic.
Not necessarily. It depends how she comports herself in her first shot at daytime programming. She has a chance to impress people - let's see how she does.
I'd much prefer if she plays it straight rather than to go off on "Game Change" or Katie Couric. She can be taken seriously if she acts the part. If she can pull it off it would be a big boon to her reputation with the people who don't already love her.
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