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Does anyone have any good ideas about how long it would take to weaponize the plane? They had to know stealing a plane wouldn't go unnoticed, so I imagine this might play out rather quickly. The second to last act in a well thought out plot.
Then, since we agree, is there a particular group that would want to? Who is Mr. Ali? The travel agent said she had purchased tickets for him in the past. I am still suspicious because the two "defectors" were originally booked on an earlier flight. Why did they not go earlier? At one level it doesn't make sense for the Iranian government to hijack a plane because they have an airline. But, I wouldn't rule out complicity with a smaller terrorist group, either. In my first post I was kind of hoping for more specific answers as to why Malaysia. Does it work better for some terrorists and not others?
A few questions. Assume the plane was stolen. Would Malaysia be the ideal place to steal this from? We already know that the stolen passports weren't checked. Are there other reasons? I always did find it interesting that contact was lost as soon as the plane moved into Vietnamese airspace. Would this also be an ideal plan because of lax standards or is it up to the pilots to make contact first and any new airspace might not catch on. I also find it interesting that this was a middle of the night flight where passengers are more likely to be asleep making it easier to control them at the outset of the hijacking. And how would you take over the passengers? Lax security in Malaysia or some other means? What about the cell phones? Isn't the ability to make a call controlled by the plane's crew? I guess what I am getting at is if you were to steal a plane, would this be the best scenario?
We can have war through appeasement (Chamberlain) or peace through strength (Reagan).
I am a conservative woman partly because the conservative media don't pander to some assumed and erroneous idea of how I want to be regarded. I feel respected because of the choices I make which are character building as opposed to the inane whining I am bombarded with almost every time I read a Huffington Post article from their women's section.
Why not just find a way to adjudicate the last election invalid because of voter fraud, etc. and put him in now?
In one sentence she says "liberty" only to be followed in the next sentence with "mandate." Does she really expect anyone to believe her?
Is he arguing to disarm the young men and women who serve in the military and police forces?
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The Heroism of Wendy Davis

MerelyaMom Wrote: Jan 22, 2014 6:29 PM
Wendy Davis has a heart of (Jeff Davis) gold.
I think it is directly related to the 45 percent who perceive him as paying attention to his administration, you know, the ones who aren't really paying attention themselves.
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John Kerry, Jihad Coddler

MerelyaMom Wrote: Jan 17, 2014 6:34 AM
I have never been a fan of Lennon's blanket attack on all religion in "Imagine," but I have to admit that he has a valid point that some people will use religion to justify or even inspire killing. Isn't that at the heart of terroristic Jihad?
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