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Republicans are more likely to voice dissent with their leaders than Democrats who tend to circle the wagons and stymie opposition. Recently there has been a tremendous battle within the Republican party between moderates/conservatives/tea parties. This only dilutes support for Republicans as a brand name. I have seen little of this with the Democrats although there is a growing split between the Obama and Clinton faithful that is probably driving the Democrats favorability ratings lower than an overall disenchantment with what the grass roots level Democrats perceive as a failure of their leaders.
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Deport the Tsarnaev Sisters

MerelyaMom Wrote: Sep 03, 2014 11:34 AM
Meanwhile, I know a few people who have been striving to immigrate to the U.S. in a legal fashion. One family just arrived after twelve years of proving that they won't be a burden to our welfare system and have the ability to actually hold down jobs in the U.S. In case that wasn't enough, they also had to have a U.S. citizen vouch to support them for at least 5 years. Another young woman with a college degree is still struggling to get a status change in order to work after marrying a U.S. citizen but the paperwork and requirements for medical exams, proper identification, proof of support from her husband, etc. is time consuming. Watching illegals getting a pass on this stuff is frustrating. Americans probably don't want to see it, but I would be in favor of at least exploring the possibility of some sort of refugee camp/city in this country as a halfway step for the Asylum seekers and/or the illegals. If they can make it out of the refugee camp by proving they are not criminals, can speak English, can hold a job and are not a medical risk to our community, then give them some sort of legal status to be in the U.S. at large. Yes, I would make the illegals already here meet the same requirements and pay a fine large enough to discourage future illegals from trying the same thing. This is in addition to fees the legal immigrants already have to pay to get legal status. Naturally, we would have to secure the border first.
So sad that there is not enough therapy available to this psychologist to help him overcome the stress that he felt before engaging in an act of workplace violence. Our prison system must be so horrendous that he has now devolved into having sympathies for genuine terrorists.
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Those Who Go Unsung

MerelyaMom Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 10:16 AM
I have an Aunt who taught a similar mix of kids in LAUSD for decades. Her dedication and compassion for the kids mirrors your uncle's. She just passed away but left her mark on thousands. Thank you for this article.
What are the extraordinary circumstances? Didn't they like what the State autopsy found?
Last time I checked, I am still a woman. I think I understand and concur with the reasoning of the majority opinion in the Hobby Lobby case.
What about declaring the children neglected by their parents and terminating parental rights? Thus, the parents wouldn't be able to get here with their "anchor children." Then what to do with the kids? Adoption by conservative families?
But what about that player from Uruguay who seems to have hurt his teeth when his opponent's shoulder got in the way?
But Ann, Americans are struggling to find something to be proud of on the world stage under this administration. That we are now interested in World Cup Soccer just means we are in a desperate need to win at something, somewhere.
She will never feel like she has enough. It is a mindset that apparently she doesn't have. I felt rich back when I was barely making a little over minimum wage because we were able to pay our bills. Instead of coveting what others "the truly wealthy" have, why not feel blessed at what you have been able to do with your life? And therein lies the final analysis of why she might actually run and why I could never vote for her.
Taxes are racist! Just look at all that black ink on white paper.
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