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I've watched more than a handful of legal immigrants struggle to obey the laws of this land as they begin to make their way towards living the American Dream. Thousands of dollars were paid in application fees, immunizations, health exams and background checks. Some came here on student VISAs and are then obligated to pay very high out of state tuition rates. At least in my state. All this why they are limited in what they can earn. The number one reason they stuck with the plan was because of their own integrity and sense of ethics and right and wrong. It would have been so much easier for them to live in America as an illegal alien. This needs to change. Our laws and policies need to encourage legal immigration and punish illegal immigration.
Fascinating. The number one category of expense is Medical. The number one payee is Medical.
The number one reason I wanted Romney to be president was a hope that he would do what you say about our bloated leviathan and cull it down. This is the reason I am hopeful Scott Walker will make a good showing in the primary so I can take a better look at his ability to do just that. The number two reason for Romney was he seemed to have good instincts about foreign policy. I really know nothing about Walker on this one. I have more faith with Bobby Jindal on foreign policy. I like Ted Cruz. A lot. I want him to stay in the Senate where he can be an attack dog against anyone usurping too much power in the presidency. I am unconvinced about his ability as an executive. I would hope he could prove me wrong on that count, however.
Eric Holder says it is a "Civil Right" to work. Okay, fine. I guess that means they have to wait until they are citizens of this country, then. If he had said "human right," I might have a beef with this. I have watched two in-laws fight for the right to work in this country as they went through all the legal steps to make this happen. It cost them money. It cost them time. They are both dismayed about Obama's efforts to make it easier for those who were unwilling to obey the laws of this land to obtain that privilege. I know of two future voters who are against the immigration policy changes enacted by our current government. Oh, they were both dismayed that undocumented immigrants were actually reported to have voted in the last election. "Isn't that illegal?" was the phrase I heard.
But who did those receiving extended unemployment benefits vote for?
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Oh Wow: Rubio's Really Running, Huh?

MerelyaMom Wrote: Jan 23, 2015 9:38 AM
The Executive Branch of our government needs an executive! I am hopeful we will look to governors with proven records about their ability to lead and manage people. I am less interested in ideology when it comes to a president with the exception of understanding the ideology behind the constitution and its separation of powers with all the inherent limits placed therein. I realize that this might preclude some legislators that I really like, but without executive experience I will likely pass on all of them. Keep the ideologues in the Senate and the House where they can vocalize and advocate for their positions and be a thorn in the side of the executive branch. Please, America! Elect someone who knows how to be an executive and a president the world will respect!
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GOP Establishment Weary of Romney

MerelyaMom Wrote: Jan 17, 2015 9:37 PM
I am so torn on this one. I believe Romney would be the best president of anyone I see running, but I don't want to go through another campaign like 2012. Can't we just plunk him into the Oval Office and be done with it?
I know this is likely pie in the sky dreaming, but I can't help but wonder if this may not go quite as well as the WH imagines. I personally know 8 recent and legal immigrants to this country (from three different countries) who are dismayed at what the president is planning. They have spend between 4 and 12 years obtaining the legal right to be in America and are now working towards citizenship. One thing that law-respecting Americans need to do is help these new immigrants truly understand the magnificence of the American Constitution and how it created this wonderful country that they have chosen. They need to be taught how this action of Obama's will turn America into the kind of country they are fleeing. We need to make this argument about the constitution and rule of law. We need to make our immigration policy something that encourages legal immigration (it does not right now) and discourages illegal immigration. If we can, perhaps we tap into the inherent conservative ideals that many immigrants have and turn them against the lawless president we are suffering through.
Can we quarantine him for 21 days?
Republicans are more likely to voice dissent with their leaders than Democrats who tend to circle the wagons and stymie opposition. Recently there has been a tremendous battle within the Republican party between moderates/conservatives/tea parties. This only dilutes support for Republicans as a brand name. I have seen little of this with the Democrats although there is a growing split between the Obama and Clinton faithful that is probably driving the Democrats favorability ratings lower than an overall disenchantment with what the grass roots level Democrats perceive as a failure of their leaders.
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