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Yep, It’s Official: Elizabeth Warren Did Not Pay Voluntary Higher Tax Rate in MA

Merecadans Wrote: Apr 22, 2012 6:24 AM
Do not let cooperster change the subject or divert from the premise. First, he is wrong that it relates only to federal taxes. Does this sound familiar cooperster? The rich do not pay enough in taxes! I can spend my morning bring up quotes but no need. Cooperster is yet another liberal that can not acknowledge a simple point that has been proven beyond any doubt about a liberal and the Animal Farm liberal mentality.

Earlier this week Elizabeth Warren was asked by the Boston Globe a seemingly simple and straightforward question about her taxes: In 2011, did she pay the 5.85% rate (which is voluntary) on her Massachusetts state tax form? Since 2001, as I explained in a previous post, residents of the Commonwealth have had the option – if they so choose – to pay a higher tax rate than the 5.3% minimum. And since the former consumer advocate raked in more than $700,000 last year, the Globe believed their inquiry was an appropriate and reasonable one. At the time, however, she...