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AIDS is a gay disease....
If , if, if....Where have we heard that before? We are fighting against these evils, just like we fight against the redefinition of marriage...Marriage and family are too important for us to allow it to be hijacked by those who are confused about their sexual idenity.
Gay people are only fooling themselves. These are counterfeit unions which will fall in time. They are not built on the 'natural law' so therefore in time they will be history.
Identifying these disordered sexual unions with another name will not prevent the destruction and confusion these couterfeit unions bring to society and the family.
You really haven't got a clue what these Pastors do to counsel and try and stop babies born out of wedlock. But at least they are trying to stand up for traditional marriage and stop these disordered sexual preferences from destroying the family even more.
This happy heterosexual could care less who you love whether it's two, three, or your sister but please don't force us to redefine nature marriage between one man and one woman.
To equate race with a sexual disorder is nonsense...One is innate. There is no genetic basis for being born gay.
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