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...and it was isolated first in California why exactly? Why was it more common in the state promoting and supporting illegal immigration, where you can come and go undetected?
I just realized that they look just a bit like those in vagina costumes... oh yuck here comes a new generation
"Christain and Muslim alike", no less than plenty of instances - facts please, otherwise you, sir, are a tool.
Child abuse and endangerment, punishable by law. I don't know what percentage of feminazi has their own children (daughters), but this is a crime. they should be jailed. While they wring their wrists about bullying, violent computer games and movies, gender /salary inequality, this is a CRIME.
Good point: he is both victim and enforcer of this cancer
I was always irritated by the overuse of the term "echo chamber". Now I know where it comes from! Poor Al, not-so-sharpton...
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Irresponsible 'Education'

meowbius Wrote: Oct 15, 2014 2:51 PM
One day on my way to work, I was sitting next to the HS-age girl who was hastily writing homework assignment about slavery... I asked her, Do you know who was the first court-approved slave holder in the US? (Big round eyes) so I said, Google Antonio Johnston... and btw, he was black. She nearly stumbled when stepping out on her way to school. "It's not what they don't know... it's what they know that ain't" (Ronald Reagan)
In addition to the illegals spreading tuberculosis, lice and scabies, we have a lot of legal immigrants from "frenemy" states who act as fifth column. They learned to use toilet, maybe, but will never uphold our values. I would in a heartbeat vote for a candidate who will make it illegal for the immigrants to promote anti-American ideas, and for the politicians like Ted Kennedy to support anti-Americanism. We need new McCarthy. We need to educate voters and restore TRUTH.
The more I read about fatal failures, the more I believe that classic sci-fi writers were all time travelers, or at least Cassandras
Wait, that scenario looks exactly like Putin imperial plans. Should he sue us for plagiarism, or should we sue him for pirating Alinsky's Rules for radicals?
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