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Obama Should Pardon the Leavenworth 10

memere Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 3:06 AM
Jenni2 - -Yes, he was freed, but he, finally, died on May 21, 2012! I'm certain he met his 72 virgins, only to find out they are 36 lesbians and 36 very angry nuns! Not my original, but thought I'd pass it on!

Here I am again in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces in Washington, D.C., the highest appeals court for the U.S. military. Last month, I was here to cover Army 1st Lt. Michael Behenna's final appeal. Now I am waiting for Army Sgt. Evan Vela's final appeal to begin. I glance over at Evan's father, Curtis Carnahan, and Evan's wife, Alyssa, sitting together in the otherwise empty first row, and I can't believe it's been more than four years since Curtis first emailed me:

"I am Sgt. Evan Vela's father. I do not know if you have followed...