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Let me correct that to read "Illinois bar association website".
Just let me repeat what I posted above; according to the Illinois bar association website, he/she was forced to give up her license because of "attempted extortion" of previous clients. He was denied a license because he lied on his application about never being known be any other name(s); one must presume they had reference to his numerous alas.
All with the seditious assistance of nutty nan, from San Francisco; someone, no doubt, offered her some very BIG bucks to falsify the record; sorryazz george comes to mind.
A post on the Illinois law court's website suggested he lied on his application when he claimed he had never been known by "any other name(s)"; referring to all his "akas", one can presume. Michael/Michelle lost hers because of "attempted extortion" of previous clients. Now that would, pretty much, sum up the kind of "character" possessed by these two frauds.
Strange that you mention "she thought she was co-president"; I've always referred to their tenure in the White House as the "clintonista dual presidency". She was the brains of the outfit, slick was just a voice in an expensive suit, without a "pant's zipper"!
Time for the good people of Colorado Springs to stand UP and KNOCK DOWN the entire progressive commie administration at Pine Creek High School; I don't know of any "terminology" in our State Constitution that forbids "private" prayer, or psalm singing anytime, anywhere!
How disappointing; I truly thought the folks in my native state were smart enough NOT to re-elect this lying deadbeat. "Lying" because she parrots anything SOBARKA says; "deadbeat"- -type Sen. Jeanne Shaheen in your search bar and read all about the 21 liiens filed against properties owned by her and her husband (Bill), through the "real estate business they own" (he manages the business). The villages of York and Wells, Me. as well as York County have filed liens, along with Dover and Rollinsford, NH and several others. No single lien is terribly large, but added all together, it's a LOT of money. From personal experience, York and Wells are "prime vacation spots" and vacation rentals there, run in the $1000 thousands. According to the Shaheen's personal financial statements, they have assets of $7 to $9 million dollars and liabilities of $4 million plus. She appears to be one of those who doesn't think "she" need to pay her bills. And with her collusion with IRS Lerner you have to wonder "how much" she might owe in BACK TAXES??
When students refuse to follow the rules (speaking without permission), you give them detention, or suspension! Spanish should be "reserved" for Spanish class and ONLY Spanish class. English IS America's official language and if those, who come here from foreign countries, don't like it, they are FREE to leave. I hope Ms. Lacey can sue this school district OUT OF EXISTENCE!
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