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Deniers won this debate 34 years ago and history can only judge decades of needless panic as a war crime! It's been 34 YEARS of not enough climate action to save the planet and until science is more than their laughable 99% certainty that we are doomed then another 34 years without climate action is 100% certain so let's see you planet loving conservative hating libs act like the end is near for our children.
Climate change exaggeration, belief and it's mindless fear mongering is a war crime in the coming history books and 34 years of the people of the planet rejecting your climate action to SAVE THE PLANET "proves" it. Science never lied; you conservative hating "believers" exaggerated science's vague consensus of "could be" the end of days.
All that matters is that it's been 34 years without CO2 climate action that science says could be needed to "save the planet" and the "pause" in global warming is now old enough to vote. So what does science have to say now to prove it to the world that CO2 climate change actually will be a proven "threat to the planet"? It's been 34 years and still no climate action, meaning that of course our children are doomed with proven certainty if the scientists are right. But how does science convince the world? Let's hope it's not too late.This is it, now or never!
You remaining fear mongering eager climate blame "believers" need to be made responsible for inflicting 33 years of needless CO2 panic onto the lives of billions of innocent children that you condemned to their CO2 deaths with such sickening childish glee. You have become the neocons you hissy fit hated so much. How close to unstoppable warming would your science gods have taken us before finally saying climate change crisis was .............."proven"?
Science is now agreeing with “100% certainty” that it is “proven” it is too late to halt the unstoppable warming and the only way to save the planet now is to fire off all of the world’s nuclear weapons at once to induce a nuclear winter and reverse the heating of the planet Earth. Here is Ed with sports… It’s too late you fear mongers so give it up; *Occupywallstreet now does not even mention CO2 in its list of demands because of the bank-funded and corporate run carbon trading stock markets ruled by politicians. *Canada killed Y2Kyoto with a freely elected climate change denying prime minister and nobody cared, especially the millions of scientists warning us of unstoppable warming (a comet hit).
All the denier voting majority demands is for one climate scientist to say why they can’t say the words; “100% proven”. If it’s the scientific method that prevents them then prove any climate scientist ever said it? If you want climate action then force science to end this debate.
But history has no choice but to judge climate blame "belief" and it's decades of needless CO2 panic as nothing short of a war crime. The excuse liberal climate change believers give for science never saying any coming CO2 crisis was "proven" is because the scientific method won't allow them to say it but not one climate scientist can be found to have said that. This is 100% proof you eager"believers" are knowingly exaggerating a crisis to billions of innocent children just as an excuse to hissy fit hate conservatives. Who's the neocon? Climate blame has done to progressives what Bush and his false wars did for the neocons
Besides being a politician's promise of better weather and a lefties excuse to hissy fit hate neocons and a lazy copy and paste news editor's dream come true, Climate Blame “belief” was an invasive weed that grew in the vacant lots of abandoned minds and has made fear mongering neocons out of all of us in the history books. Not unless you remaining eager "believers" can find us one climate scientist that says the "scientific method" is what prevents them from saying "proven" and or "100% certain" that THE END COULD BE NEAR.
News editors never mention the fact that while climate science does agree, they only agreed it "could be" and have never said they were; "100% certain" of what they called a "possible threat to the planet earth". How do you study the effects of something instead of causes and say climate change isn't "real". It's really not a crisis and if someone can quote science saying it's the scientific method that won't let them say; "100% certain or proven", only then will deniers allow climate action.
The march of the fear mongering goose stepping Greenzis banging their drums to make the weather better while leading our children to their exaggerated greenhouse gas ovens of an exaggerated "could be" climate crisis. Exaggerating a crisis for billions of children just to hate neocons is a pure war crime and has made neocons out of all of us. Prove that any scientist has ever said they can't say "proven" or "100% certain" because of the sacred "scientific method" even though it's a "threat to the planet".
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