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How the Mainstream Media Finally Drove Me Mad

Mellisa55 Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 12:36 PM
Do you notice how liberals want to change the subject to something other than pulling the plug on mainstream media? That is what we should talk about. Ignore and reject TV. If you need information, read or watch it on the net. Find other sources of entertainment. STOP buying Hollywood movies. We, as conservatives should endeavor to refuse, ignore, scorn and otherwise reject the mainstream media. Especially the stupid entertainment junk they try to feed us. Mrs Obama tells us to lose weight and eat healthier food. Well, TV is junk food for the brain. Your brain needs healthy food too.
jimmyjames4 Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 1:05 PM
Yes, it is time that conservatives draw the line in the sand and quit playing with those that continually bite back. I personally think it's time to hit the Liberal media in the pocketbook. As you point out, why continue to feed the beast that is hellbent on destruction of conservative values?


That’s what it finally took to get anyone in the mainstream media to talk about Benghazi.  But of course they’re not talking about the brutal murder of four Americans on 9/11/12, nor the potential cover-up occurring now—nope, it’s all about sex, baby.

Yes, I’ve known for years that the mainstream media news was not only dead but had never really existed other than as a political tool for the progressive agenda.  Still, I had hopes that a story as huge as Benghazi would cut across political lines and get the attention it deserved.  I thought maybe there would...

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