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Blowing Up History

Mellisa55 Wrote: Jul 19, 2012 12:35 PM
Isn't that going to be the final result of liberalism any way? look at Europe - nearly 3000 yrs of known history, now they don't have enough warm bodies to really carry on the next generation ... what will happen to all those magnificent cathedrals when the Muslims finally have enough numbers to vote to blow them up? Gone. The Greeks, the grandfathers of everything we call Western are now hovering over the abyss... there are Nazi Greeks, think about that ! Liberalism is a plague of political concepts/ideas that will destroy everything we built. It is a pernicious and destructive doctrine.

In the Arabic media, there are reports that Muslim clerics -- energized by the sudden emergence of Egypt's new president, Muhammad Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood -- are now agitating to demolish the Egyptian pyramids. According to agitated imams, the Pharaohs' monuments represent "symbols of paganism" from Egypt's pre-Islamic past and therefore must vanish.

Don't dismiss such insanity so easily. Mali Islamists are currently destroying the centuries-old mausoleums of Sufi-Muslim saints in the city of Timbuktu, the historic site of early Islamic scholarship and jurisprudence. But perhaps the most recent regrettable Islamist attack on the past was the Taliban's 2001 dynamiting...