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Unemployment Drops to 7.7 Percent

Melissa200 Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 12:59 PM
My brother, a college graduate who lives in California, was unemployed for THREE YEARS. Yes, three years! He finally found a job selling fast food at Sea World for minimum wage. last week. It's a seasonal job and he's going to be on call, but his job is counted among these wonderful new employment figures. ..
Yep, this black American born and raised in the North can't wait to move to the racist, evell South.
Thank you, I am a child welfare social worker (and very prolife) and we need many, many more like you.
A developing baby AND a member of the human family.
Being poor doesn't mean you are automatically going to grow up and have a terrible life, nor does it mean that you are going to be unhappy.
Do you know most people here? If so, how can you judge whether or not they are nice people? I
How do you know they are not trying to solve the problem? Homelessness is a very complex issue with no easy answers. I know what you're getting at -- prolifers don't care about children after they're born, and as a prolifer and child welfare social worker, I get tired of hearing this, because it's simply not true.
Thank you for your strength and courage and I am so glad that your son is doing well.
My mother had a late term abortion when I was about eleven. I remember it very well, because she was crying on the bed and her abdomen was red and swollen. She had a saline abortion and she said she saw the baby -- a little boy -- thrown in a bucket,. Saline abortion babies are called "candy apple babies" because their skin is so badly burned by the saline solution it turns bright red. This abortion was done because of financial reasons and years later (I'm in my fifties now) my father said that they should have had the baby, my brother. Too late, Dad. No one in my very pro-abortion family talks about this and tries to shove it under the rug. But I refuse to pretend that he never existed. My little brother is named Simon.
No, I am not to blame. I am pro-life and I would bend over backward to help any woman facing such a situation help carry her child to term. But at the end of the day, we all have a free will. This young woman will made a conscious decision to have a very late term abortion, and traveled miles to do so, with the assistance of her family. When are prolifers going to stop pointing their fingers at the big, bad e-vell abortionist and realize that many aborting women know exactly what they are doing? They are paying a physician to kill their child, and that's what they get.
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