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Conservatism Killing the GOP?

Melinda38 Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 9:36 PM
Strange that exit polls in election 2012 showed over 80% voted to LOWER DEBT -- sounded like a Romney win to me!
Romney was defeated by the Main Stream Media, Acorn groups, faulty machines, not at counting military vote, some areas had Obama with 141% ... we know this was an unfair election. What is sick is that America just takes it ... even Hugo Chavez had a re-count and the president of Iraq ... computer fraud Stuxnet virus ... all make stealing easy!
Ditto ... I have people sending me emails already accusing our candidates of being RINOs ... Treason ... I believe Ronald Reagan hy who said "never speak ill of your own." Why don't republicans wake up and unite!
I still do not believe the election results ... in my mind, Mitt won. the dems could not afford a popular republican president - just like the way they tried to constantly destroy GW ... the machines were not functioning properly, early voting was way too convenient for fraud ... I hope the record is settled one day soon.
It is insane to say Romney didn't want to win ... he ran twice and if you read his book - you would know that he saw serious trouble in our country - he was right. He felt he had to run, just because his son said something on behalf of his dad ... does not mean he was just running for fun. He had better things to do ... he is worried about our country and so is everyone else.
Republicans fall for propaganda ... who was constantly saying "Romney just didn't connect?" The DEMS not the people who followed Romney. The support for Romney was widespread and in many sectors of the market - unlike Obama. I don't know one person who doesn't thinks the election was stolen widespread corruption. I am sorry to say that we'll never have another candidate like Romney who would have been the next Reagan or better ... gracious, smart, presidential, charitable and would have turned our country into glory again. Governor Romney stands head and shoulders over any contender I could imagine on the horizon now. Republicans should have contested the military vote - many reports that it was not counted and I believe it.
The GOP needs to stop name calling everyone in their party ... if someone isn't liked they are a RINO or not conservative enough, or an establishment or base person ... most of these names never applied honestly. Ronald Reagan said "never critize your own party." The Dems don't do it! Why do we lower ourselves ....
Our GOP House needs to NOW stop paying for wasteful agencies that are better run on a state level: Dept of Education, Interior (that is currently stealing our land), all the NGO's ... etc. -- there will be no need to raise debt ceiling - more likely, lower it!
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