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Another Reason To Declare Independence from Obamacare SCOTUS Disaster

melhas5 Wrote: Jul 01, 2012 12:14 PM
He rule it a tax. He should have then ruled it an unconstitutional tax because the act didn't originate in the House as required by Article 1 Section 7.

Many have weighed in on the Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare much better than I could. Two of the best were Rush Limbaugh’s and Mark Levin (download the June 28th show for free and share it widely). But a few things remain unmentioned as far as I can tell.

First, the SCOTUS decision means the low-income uninsured won’t likely see any change to their status.

How is that? How can a law designed in large part to help the poor obtain insurance, a law that taxes and spends so much, end up...