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Feinstein: How Bout' Bringing GITMO Detainees to the United States?

melfan Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 9:36 AM
Just goes to show you that there is not "Intelligence" in the Senate Intelligence committee. also, Feinstein, how about you grow a brain? Shows just how much these dems love terrorists, after all, they have more in common with them than the average american! If her name match her face, her name would be Diane Frankenstein!

It's happening again. One of the Senate's leading Democrats, Senator Diane Feinstein, has been pushing to bring GITMO detainees into the United States and has hired the Government Accountability Office to look into how it can happen. This is a proposal that failed during the first Obama term due to public outrage and a logistical nightmare, yet it's coming up again as an option.

The Democratic chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence committee commissioned a federal report to identify prison facilities in the U.S. that are suitable for housing Guantanamo detainees, concluding the option is viable -- despite...