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What if a T-Shirt Maker Refused to Make Shirts Supporting Marriage

MelanieDawn Wrote: Apr 10, 2012 10:37 AM
"This scenario never happened, but if it did, it’s almost certain that the Christian ministry would not be traipsing off to the local human rights commission to file a discrimination complaint." That is the false assumption in the article. Given the faux-martyr syndrome I see constantly from the CLA & similar organizations, I am confident the hypothetical Christians in the article would be contacting CLA & the media immediately. Moreover, if the hypothetical "Tolerance 101" declined to print the t-shirts, they would be in just as much violation of the Lexington, Kentucky ordinance as Hands On Originals is. I notice the articl didn't argue that "Tolerance 101" had a moral right to refuse service, so what is the point of the article?


Imagine a T-shirt print shop run by owners who openly practice homosexual behavior. Let’s call it “Tolerance 101.” They make T-shirts for community events, annual “gay pride” rallies, and sports teams around their city. Now, imagine that a major Christian ministry contacts the company to have them make T-shirts that will be worn at an event supporting marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Tolerance 101 declines to the make the shirts. In short, the managing owner exercises his prerogative as a business owner to refuse to communicate a message in genuine conflict with...