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True, many of the times Romney 'interrupted" was when Lehrer was closing down the discussion before allowing the proper back and forth exchanges. Regardless of who began, numerous times Lehrer would try to wind it down after Obama spoke--thus giving him an additional time segment. Romney was only trying to make sure he didn't get shortchanged.
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Photo of the Day

Melanie45 Wrote: Aug 21, 2012 8:00 PM
I guess TOTUS got tired of Obama always taking credit for its words. "You didn't say that...somebody else helped you."
What happened to the "her body/her choice" argument? Not arguing that breast milk is the best choice for the baby, but why the sudden concern over what's best for the baby? If these groups were really concerned for these precious ones, they would realize that not being aborted is even better for babies.
Sad to see that so many of our spiritual leaders have caved to the culture of political correctness. So thankful for my pastor that is not afraid to speak truth and remind us how the faith of our founding fathers shaped this nation. "We will not back up...we will not shut up...but we will stand up with boldness and with grace". Amen!
Thanks for sharing this video. George and Laura Bush are truly genuine, loyal and caring people. I've been reading his book, Decision Points, and while I have always been a fan of George W. Bush the man, I have an even greater appreciation for the effort and heart he put forth as president.
Almost makes you wonder whether they have something on Roberts or his family was threatened. I guess I've read too many John Grisham novels. Disappointing indeed.
MLK envisioned a day when all would be judged on the content of their character and not the color of their skin. Apparently, the CBC does not share his dream.
Awesome job, Sen. Rubio! Poor Joy couldn't even make eye contact and her one attempt to trip him up fell flat. He didn't get ruffled or defensive--just speaking truth and common sense. Hope he's the VP pick.
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NBC Revives Howard Stern

Melanie45 Wrote: May 18, 2012 9:16 PM
My boys always get a kick out of AGT. As they were watching the other night, I walk in the room and my oldest asks "Who's the new judge...this Howard guy? He's pretty funny." Ugh! Not what a mom wants to hear. Hopefully, he will keep it relatively family friendly. Of course, based on some of the acts that get aired, the producers aren't too interested in doing that anyway.
Not only was it decisively defeated in NC, many of those who voted against it merely because they feared the language of the bill jeopardized unmarried heterosexual couples as well. The opposition led a very aggressive campaign. Had the wording been perceived as strictly about gay marriage, the defeat would have been staggering.
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