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The Part Time President’s Part Time Jobs

Mel221 Wrote: Apr 05, 2014 7:55 AM
Mr. Ransome: Erudite and to the point as always. But i almost missed it because of an ad that covered vertically the entire left half of my screen. Even though it was almost transparent, it was so annoying, (only one cup of coffee, so far) that I closed the page only to think, "OK, I'll give it one more try." This time it was gone. I am an advertiser online and if I knew my ads were doing this I would have a fit! Why annoy people that aren't interested in my product. If they want the info they will open the ad, so give them the option of opting out! Opt-in leads are the most effective, anyway. Keep up the attack on the anointed one!
John: It really puzzles me to see you cling to your contention that Obama is a failure. Reading all of the erudite posts on this page and the many that have gone before it, shows me that more readers, by far, recognize his genius. Obama is a spectacular success; more so than any other leftist who has ever attempted to take us down the path of Socialism. I know you are a very intelligent and am holding out for your announcement that "It's all been a strategy, guys. I can now say that the huge majority finally see it for what it really is: "A well conceived, if rather ham-handedly run plan and enabled by the so-called conservative opposition!" Please, Mr. Ransom, say it's so!
We will never know the elation, the absolute joy that was manifested around the world as when Mandela was released from prison, Until, of course, Obama goes into the joint!
Oh, I forgot "From Forbes, January 30th, 2103" Have I really slept that long? No wonder I didn't recognize my wife this morning! Mel
John, what a great article! If only you could find someone who cares, to proof for you. Examples: " Is was just last year . . ." - " . . . the largest decreased in spending . . ." - "Since it's going to costs the . . ." and, "It doesn't it matter . . ." I know, there will be those who accuse me of nit-picking but, on the positive side it did make me re-read a fine piece that no one with half a brain could argue against successfully. Just one more thought. You don't need two mokes who would never experience the thrill of a 'standing O' (if it weren't for the depressed IQs of their audiences) to make your case, Remember Mr. Barnum's famous old saying, "I don't care what you say about me, boys. Just spell my name right!" Those two, Colbert and Stewart, do not merit your free PR. Love your humor far better! Mel Calvert
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Way to Stick to Your Guns Starbucks

Mel221 Wrote: Sep 19, 2013 7:31 AM
To paraphrase the outrageous but spot-on target Greg Guttfeld, perhaps the lines to the coffee counter will some day be as long as the ones for people who go to Starbucks solely to use the bathrooms.
Well, Goldilocks, you have obviously never heard the story about the Priest and the Nun on the golf course!
Here in Indiana (Southern Indiana, I might add!) the temperature is just above freezing this AM and this has been the worst global warming winter I can remember in all of my considerable years. I cannot wait for all this global warming to go away so our temperatures can get back to where they were since I was a kid. Global warming was so bad in March that we actually had some temps below zero! Please Mr. Gore, make it go away!
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Occupy and Redistribute D.C

Mel221 Wrote: Apr 13, 2013 6:46 AM
Excellent idea, Anonymous17634! I hope everyone will do as I am going to do; copy your post, with just a minor spelling correction - 'instead' rather than' instaed' (don't you hate it when that happens! John could use a lot of help. He needs a good proof reader, urgently!) I will then add it to John's article (spell-checked and corrected first, of course) and send it to my much smaller email list of readers. I hope to see more of your erudite posts. Keep them coming, please!
Just as I thought, no one else knows either! So we defeat the enemies of our country in war or otherwise and then copy their form of government! That really makes a lot of sense, now, doesn't it!
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