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Taking the Long View

megapotamus Wrote: May 05, 2012 10:27 AM
Greater and greater "stimulus' has gotten us all where we are. Currency collapse is the only endpoint absent dire action but if people do recognize the shuddering of the gravy train, and I think they do, then the most rational course economically is to draw as much from the system as possible now. And another thing. Monkeys love tobacco.

A few months ago, I was golfing in Maryland, and I happened to get paired with a member of the Maryland General Assembly.

I had covered Maryland politics at one time, so we did a few “do-you-knows” as the round progressed. We settled on one hapless lawmaker who had switched from the Democratic Party to the Republicans after he lost a primary, only to lose again in the general election.

“You have to give the voters a little credit,” my golfing partner said. “They do pay attention.”

He makes a good point. We don’t give voters enough credit. This...