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It is too late for an Indy to qualify. The only recourse is a punitive one, against Cochran. He must suffer for this, personally.
We're pretty Red in Georgia but Isaakson, Chambliss, Deal and Perdue before him have been corporatist to say the least. I'm not sure who would be preferable.... Bob Barr? No thanks. Anyhoo, take a little peek at the pronouncements of Cochran Inc. In the famous flier they anonymously complain that McDaniel Republicans 'are trying to stop blacks from voting..... ' but of course, that is true! If you assume that blacks voted in the Dem primary but you don't want them voting in the Rep runoff you ARE stopping blacks from voting. Illegally? Well, yes! But you see, neither Democrats or blacks think these rules.... or any... apply to them. Now, the radio spots which say, "By not voting I'm saying come take away my food stamps and all my gubmint benefits!" This one, sadly, is false but it should be true. TEA types had better understand; you are against all of it or you are against none of it. If you want 'limited government' you had better believe it means YOUR checks as well as everyone else's. Only when the 'movement' is morally sound, meaning it calls for an end to its OWN subsidies (like agriculture/ethanol, Social Security, the home mortgage deduction, etc etc etc) it will be rightly dismissed. Attacking the crony crapitalists is all well and good but the Chamberpot of Commerce guys know.... the foundation of THEIR welfare schemes is the welfare on the ground which will never be halted and can never be trimmed. But it can be collapsed. Just sign everyone up for everything. You included. Drain the accounts, its the only way and its the Alinsky way. Forward.
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Chris Matthews, Meet Chris Matthews

megapotamus Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 6:14 PM
As American as any Liberal.... Yeah, that's some frickin' compliment. I do not return the sentiment. A Liberal is a commie, as red as Stalin and twice as mean.
We all have homework, fellow babies. Come Thanksgiving, Christmas etc, we need to deliver kind words like these to all who have 'em coming. Eight to eighty, blind crippled or crazy. Whether your friends, your brother.... your sainted mother are the due recipient, it is time. It is past time. Now, every voice must rise. Forward.
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The New Welfare State

megapotamus Wrote: Oct 20, 2013 11:53 AM
They all like handing out Other People's Money. Some just vary the speed and accounting rigor.
Cuff links that was. But yes.
Same as it ever was.... This one's from Jan '10. http://whenfallsthecoliseum.com/2010/01/30/this-is-the-bet/
In other news, who said this Huma chick was good-lookin'? She makes a good case for the burkha.
Or Colbert whose shtick relies on a fraudulent homage to OReilly and nothing else.
Technical issues may be annoying but they could be overcome. What cannot be overcome is that with the banning of pre-existing conditions, time and maximum coverage caps the Democrats have introduced infinite liabilities with every eligible claimant. This also includes so-called 'mental hygiene', for which the demand is literally infinite. Sex-change reversals will compete with pediatric chemotherapy on political grounds, the only grounds left. Who will prevail?
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