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The Obama Gaffe Machine Keeps Rolling

meerbock Wrote: Jun 16, 2012 11:39 PM
That was at OSU in Columbus, Ohio. Screaming hordes of campus liberals were there. Your figures are off, though. The basketball arena hold about 30 thousand, as you said, but they did come up with about 10 thousand. The campus has 50,000 students and about 35,000 staff and faculty. If you have a calculator, divide 85,000 potential audience, not even counting the million from the metro area, you'll get roughly 12% attendance from his nearby, plausible target audience. I do so hope that that pattern continues. I want to hear the weeping and the lamentations of the defeated liberal hordes. (don't remember the whole quote about driving their women and children before me.)

If Obama blows his reelection bid, maybe he can apply for a gig with a late night talk show.

Sure, his jokes aren’t that funny, but I presume that most of what he saying now really is just a joke.

And perhaps between now and November the jokes will get much better.

They could get worse, but let’s hope for the sake of our country that they don’t get that much worse.

After months of Obama telling us “All is well, the recovery is finally beginning!” the country faces one of the most dramatic slowdowns in economic activity...

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