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Ahh! So we should vote for the clique and claque that are baying at the moon to destroy us, the TEA party, Constitutionalists, some Libertarians and other flavors of Conservatives and trust them to do the right thing, when none of them have done the right thing for decades. They wallow in DC's hog troughs and everything they do or say is bent to the aim of staying in office and 'laissez le bon temps roullez.' Excuse my spelling, it's the thought that counts.
McConnel, Cornyn, other biggies in the Senate power circles vote for cloture on several items allowing those bills to come to a floor vote, (they claimed that they were forced to vote for cloture or government would have shut down again) which they then voted against, secure in the knowledge that 55 Democrats outnumber 45 Republicans. Is that a good enough example? It only happened a few weeks ago when the temporary spending bill ended at the beginning of the month. REGARDLESS of what Mz. Coulter believes, the senate leadership, almost all of the Senate Republicans in fact, along with John Boehner and his power elite are the enemies of all Conservatives, just as Christie, J Bush, M Romney, redux (is McShamnesty to old to run again? Bob Dole?) are all direct outspoken enemies of conservatism.
Well Pappy, that would certainly be a lot more scenic landscape than all those technology campuses south of San Fran. As Bob Hope used to sing, "Thanks for the mammaries."
I've always said, "Laziness and enlightened self-interest" but I do agree that your formulation would subsume 'laziness' under 'pain avoidance', because obviously, hard work is painful or at least not very pleasant or comfortable. Much better statement than mine; more inclusive, actually.
Odd, I did not have a speck of trouble understanding her comment. You can not force doctors or nurses to work for less than their expenses. They are not slaves -- YET. Obamacare and Medicaid pay very small percentages of total billing, so why bother? I have been saying since this whole debacle began that having an insurance card does NOT entitle you to a doctor or a hospital, if they decide, for solid economic reasons, not to participate in Obamacare or Medicaid. I say to the Obamacare true believers, 'Enjoy your shiny new card. It is worth absolutely nothing if a care provider won't accept it in payment for services rendered. Suck it up, Marxists!
Those boys down in Hazzard County knew about fourth generation guerrilla or insurgent warfare before the big brains had figured out a word for it. We won the war of 1776 primarily because we used, as a national war plan, the strategic and tactical methods that are now used against us in our various 'nation-building' exercises. It's a simple idea. Shoot the leaders. Let them find no safe harbor. shoot their guards, burn their houses and cars. Shoot any cop who willingly follows their orders. All of us who were in the service or were from service families still hold true to the oath we took, to preserve our nation from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. Put yourself outside of Constitutional Government and suffer the consequences.
We can hope for a 'Night of the Long Knives' when the regime realizes that all of their underlings can point the way straight to them, and thence to prison or noose.
'Boots', my aunt Minnie's patootie! No clicking, just the squeeching of basketball shoes. They'll all be wearing $300 Nike hightops and butt-crack gang-banger pantaloons with no belt. The management will of course still be wearing the suits and the smug expressions. Revolution, peaceful or not, is becoming our only alternative. Vote, vote, VOTE in the primaries this spring and vote again in November. That might put off Thomas Jefferson's prescient comment about watering the Tree of Liberty with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants. If not, keep you powder dry.
"... Shumer is just a worthless scumbag." I can remember calling those things 'Coney Island Whitefish'.
If this president has his way, that might not be true in the near term, and certainly not in the long run. One president called out the troops on the 'Bonus Veterans'. I would bet that that would not work a second time. Where are the Federal warehouses holding all those weapons and ammunition? Harper's Ferry raids, anyone?
Relax. There are something like 300 million firearms in the hands of private citizens, with roughly 80-100 million separate owners. There are fewer than 100,000 federal agent of all stripes and varieties. Add in a similar number of cops, and we still have them outnumbered roughly 100 to 1. Of course not all of those armed Americans will stand and fight, but they are out there, and their loyalty CAN be earned. A time is coming soon when wearing any sort of recognizable uniform and a badge will be the equivalent of committing suicide. Of course then they will try to go to plain clothes. At that point, they can be treated as enemy spies, not as combatants. In either case, were I an armed federal law enforcement agent, I would not want anyone to find out that I was working for Obama's regime, either explicitly or by association. It would not be at all healthy. Read up on Fourth Generation Warfare or '4G warfare'.
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