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Whoa! Have you explained all of this to Darby O'Gill? It would make his day!
They apparently scare the bejeebus out of besotted leprechauns, as well.
He's an RC. They've been denying science and technology for centuries. It's easy to be an Irish Catholic. They also get a premium when they're selected as donors for a brain transplant, as their brains are pristine -- they haven't been used a'tall a'tall!
Idiot. You don't know when to quit. Consider the First Rule of Holes. I'd dearly love to hear Missus Darby's views on the subject.
I like that idea! "Unfortunately, I've found that many communists/Progressives/Liberals cannot read more than about fifteen words at one time. Therefore Twitter was invented for them." Consider it stolen!
Why not? You had it coming. You are uniformed, stubbornly so and pretty obviously a misogynistic pig .(that means you're an ordinary, bog-standard male Irish Catholic parishioner).
Ah-hah! There it is! A good Irish Catholic lad at his most perceptive! Womens are to fetch another beer, do the laundry, stay pregnant, and keep their mouths shut! If they get beat up unfairly, or kicked around, so what? They're only women. The Sainted Paul said so right in the Catholic Marriage ceremony when they admonish and abjure the wife to obey and to follow her husband in all things (Corinthians, I think). Doesn't the remark above make you reconsider everything that ol' Darb has had to say over the years? Talk about putting your brogans deeply into your mouth! Aren't these guys like The Mad Leprechaun True Lights, beacons of Christian love and tolerance? Don't you wish you had his depth of faith and lack of self-awareness?
Darby, the Mad Leprechaun, doesn't understand all that high-falutin' figurin' and thinkin' stuff. Haven't you been reading his 'carp' for the last couple of years? Has he EVER made a thoughtful comment? Like another poster to whom I've addressed a comment, he's big on insults, and REALLY slow on apologies when he's wrong. And that's most of the time. Hard to think and type after an Irish seven course dinner.
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