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... or beer holder, and that ain't us. You and Eric Y Not perhaps can appreciate your wisdom, distilled from decades of loving attention from Trumka, Hoffa and the Daley family. You live in Chicago; look around you and see what the democrats and unions have wrought in their lust for total control. After all these years, and hundreds of mentions in Ransom's Sunday Funnies have you not noticed that your opinions and YouTube links are still not held in very much regard? It's obvious that you're not a quitter, and fall quite obviously into Albert Einstein's comment about insanity; doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
Tell me again what the high school dropout rate for urban blacks has been for the last 30 years or so?
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To Speak the Truth

meerbock Wrote: Sep 30, 2014 2:44 PM
This is now your third or fourth apologia for academic viewpoint based discrimination. I truly do NOT understand how you can blithely skate over the fundamental issue that was under judicial consideration here. UNCW is a *State University*. It is not 'subsidized', your word, it is paid for lock, stock and barrel by the the taxpayers of North Carolina and is supported almost entirely by Pell grants and Federal government guaranteed loans. Those are not 'subsidies'. They are DIRECT payments of taxpayer monies to the University. I have noted and Professor Adams and his legal team have pointed out that the First Amendment must be recognized and upheld by all government institutions. Your view, that the State University is a 'subsidized not-for-profit' enterprise is incorrect. It is a legislatively established institution of higher education. The State University system depends for almost all of their financing on taxpayer dollars, both state and federal. It is by no stretch of the imagination 'subsidized'. Your basic premise is both inane and risible, but that has not prevented you from espousing it, at greater and greater length with each iteration, this last being the fourth of which I am aware. It is obvious to me that you are the lonely onion in the petunia patch. Your premise is invalid and your continual harping, based on that erroneous premise is annoying. Let me point out, too, that because this is a private enterprise, Town Hall magazine and its forums, you really have no 'free speech' rights here. You are here on sufferance, as are we all. In a way it is heartening to see that your intellectual short-comings have not earned you a virtual trip to the woodshed, but that is probably more because it's impolite and de classé to smack around an intellectual cripple. I, however feel no such qualms and am happy to point out your moral and ethical failings, which might, of course be due to a simple lack of intellectual capacity.
Not all pot growers are hippies. Some substantial number are millionaires. Marijuana is the primary cash crop in California, although nearly all the cultivation is in and around Eureka and Humboldt county. Lots and lots of millionaires in denim coveralls and flannel shirts.
Well, there are also a lot of hippie-dippies in Taos, Albequerque, Las Cruces ... and that is where the highest population density is. People on welfare vote Democrat. EBT card and an obamaphone and you are right as rain in New Mexico. Susan Martinez has an uphill battle every day her legislature is in session.
Under the circumstances, Oklahomans being who and what they are, it is probably a valid worry for them. Of course the cops could say, "We'll run a patrol car by their a couple of times during the night shift."
... better yet, as catfish bait for some of those 300 pound shovel head cats in the Ohio river. Wouldn't even need to worry about the alligator gar stealing your bait, they'd refrain out of 'professional courtesy' They too are unevolved, prehistoric eating machines.
Capons, like steers, by reason of nutlessness, are very tender and juicy. There are obvious exceptions; Can you imagine John Boehner on your table for Sunday dinner? He so old, sclerotic, wine-soaked and smoke cured that he'd be much better suited to being used as bait on a good old southern Ohio fox hunt.
That's already the case in Washington DC (63% of cops are black) It is also one of several totally corrupt black police forces in the country (Detroit, Compton CA, Oakland ... ) When cops are drawn and recruited from a parasitic, corrupt community, why would you expect them to suddenly stop being corrupt and parasitic after being given a badge and a gun? They simply find themselves with the opportunity to use the power of the colour of law to further their own corrupt ambitions. It helps too when the entire city government is also mostly black. (see city list above). It seems that Ferguson MO has white cops in a primarily black community, and as we have seen it does not change the corruption and violence in the community at large in the slightest.
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Clinton Promises World Without Profits

meerbock Wrote: Sep 26, 2014 1:11 PM
No. The 'noblesse' part is a feudal holdover. Common courtesy is what suffices for us serfs. A cursory examination of courtesy between people and governments shows us that enlightened self-interest provides the incentive, or should, for our interpersonal relationships. Businesses and corporations are beholden only to their owners, the stockholders. Even so a predatory business (Micro$oft is an excellent example) gains in profit but loses esteem in the eyes of the consuming public -- or at least for those of us who have followed the Gates monopoly since the mid 80s.
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