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Several state police agencies have studied the issue and found that there is no statistical correlation in number of accidents and traffic incidents between texting while driving before and after legislation passed to forbid it. In other words people in general just offered the one-finger salute to feel good statist rules.
But YOU, personally believe that you have the right to tell me what I am allowed to do? Think about that. By the way, if you tried to force your opinions on me, you might find my response to be 'terminally prejudiced'.
I think you might be missing the 'i' in his handle. It's 'Jedi Joe' Not quite so homespun, just arrogant and ill-informed
That is a commodity that you HAVE to know someone who knows someone who can put you in touch ...
Again, obvious by inspection. Without extra-judicial RICO confiscations, many small town or county LEAs could not afford their snazzy new nazi stormtrooper toys. They get that money from forfeitures that never see the light of a courtroom. Over the last thirty years they have been spoiled and could not survive without the money from the war on drugs. No wonder that the government generally and law enforcement agencies in particular don't want to end the War on Drugs. They'd have to go back to that old-fashioned 'Protect and Serve' thing, rather than their 'Show me your papers' Gestapo tactics now. They can't make that transition anymore. Too many cops with armour and black balaclavas have poisoned the well for any kind of community support anymore.
It's simple Adam Smith Economics 101. The state of Colorado, in attempting to extract as much 'sin tax' money out of every transaction, from dealer and grower licensiture, to confiscatory sales taxes on retail transactions has simply priced itself out of the market. Marijuana is fungible. Did you buy it from a legal outlet, or from a state-regulated botique at double or triple the going street price? Is it worth an at least 200% markup to soothe your moral in order to be legal. I'm guessing that many, if not most buyers can still do basic arithmetic, and will choose the ongoing black market.
How so? You have citations and news reports handy to share with us unbelievers? I mean those of us who have actual life experience contrary to your biased views.
Sir, there are tens of millions of us who could write the same thing -- but I was 25.
Nope. It is undeniably MILK! Every single doper, rapist, murderer and liberal drank MILK before they fell into other evil ways.
He must have taken Killary's '... it takes a village ...' to heart. Most of us with kids don't go along with that nonsense, and you are correct, 'your child's upbringing does not trump my freedoms.'
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