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The Ebola Government

meerbock Wrote: Oct 28, 2014 6:24 PM
Saying, "... calling a spade a spade ..." would set the Rev'r'nd Al off in a conniption fit. Chrissie 'Tingles' would turn redder, hyper-ventilate and possibly expire right on-screen! Speaking of Al 'Resist we much', doesn't he make enough hard cash to feed himself? Or does he possibly have what the Africans affected have been calling 'The Thin Disease' (HIV-AIDS)?
Which ones of the dozen or so most famous RINOs are not?
I just looked up that quote and the context a couple of days ago, in order to make a comment on a TH forum, (maybe Ransom's?) but as many times as I've seen it in the last week or so, I suspect that it should be trending on Google by now, and perhaps inducing the 'Screaming Fantods' in Sergei, Larry and Eric's dreams.
But GOP leadership's obvious facility with the 'screaming fantods' is the reason that calling them 'racists' or 'homophobes' or 'wild-eyed partisans' works so well. They are, for the most part eunuchs and wimps. Some of our Republican women in and out of government are much more 'gonadally endowed' then the current House Republican leadership. I remember the old fairytales that always started with the children being sent into the forest to '... gather the fa ggo ts that had fallen from the trees ...'. I'm here to say that we ought to be shaking a LOT of trees to see which fa ggo ts fall out and need to be gathered up. Of course they MIGHT all turn out to be 'manly men' and not, as I suspect, men who voluntarily sought out both orchiectomies and penectomies in order to look really good in their GQ working outfits.
Actually, Pistol is correct and you are, as usual, displaying your congenital idiocy and venomous personality.
Jon Snow also 'knows nothing', according to Ygritte.
Sure glad you are so sure of that. Believe it or not there are tens of millions of Americans who don't agree with your views. You should be comfortable with Sharia Law when it comes to this country. Except for a few niggling differences, you, Joycey and the Mad Leprechaun would be perfectly at home with Sharia. When can you get it through your heads that it just 'ain't any of your friggin' business.'
Hey! Just LOVE that Christian Charity! "Lesbianism is an abomination before God. God is love." and "I am beginning to wonder if the women that were burned at the stake in Salem were treated so because they acted like bwitches and had sex with other women. " I had WAY too many years of 'Jesus Christ's Loving Mercy' at the hands of the nuns when I was in grade school. I moved out of mhy family's house when I turned 16, and have never been in a Catholic church since then, except for family weddings and funerals. As a 'Recovering Catholic', I have nothing but contempt for people like you, Joycey.
And you are a vicious, intemperate and hateful person. But you think of yourself as a 'Good Conservative'. Great advertising for our political brand! Whevever I read anything from you that is not vicious and hateful or just normally snarky, I have to check again to see who wrote the comment. Did you ever hear the old country saying, "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar"?
I'm surprised that the Mad Leperchaun Hate Module, Darby O'Gill hasn't put in his two quarts of vitriol in this discussion. For a change, I think Tin Soldier has the common sense view. If the TGs are able to pass, or nearly so, then I see no problem with using the restrooms of the gender with which they have a congruity (if they look like women, use the women's room -- if an F2M TG looks male, let that person use the men's room). Of course if AnnFan makes it a habit of looking under women's skirts or peeking through the crack in the booth door to check up on gender identifiers, directly, I'd say that SHE'S the one with the psychological problems. People do not ordinarily spend from $15,000 to $25,000 for SRS to end up looking like Sylvester Stallone in makeup. If Moochelle can pose as 'The FLOTUS' with such obvious TG markers as her finger lengths, the shape of her shoulders and back, her lack of cleavage, I'd say that you ought to give a little slack to those people who have spent the time and money for counseling and surgery, who at least make an effort to fit into their chosen roles. None of this is to say that transgenderism or transsexualism is 'normal'. it is not. My point, and I think Tin Soldier's is that if you can't identify a TG, how can you possibly object? Maybe it's a deeply religious thing to scrutinize everyone you see in a public restroom. I know it is certainly not the social norm. Too, I understand that it is considered 'bad form' in a men's room to scrutinize the 'equipment' of others you might see in there.
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