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Mein Himmel Gott! Eric the Snotty makes a correct and relevant comment? Call the reporters! Film at 6:00! ... but then a broken analog clock is right twice a day too ...
See! I wrote in a post farther down that ol' 'Secrecy Forbidden' DID get something for his college education dollars. He learned to cry like a little girl. Sadly, he can't 'take his ball and go home', because here, in this and other Townhall forums, it's not his ball to take home. It's ours. Conservatives who do think for ourselves and quite often are both vocal and vociferous in defending our principles. That we actually HAVE principles, bedrock belief in our Constitution and the thoughts and writings of our Founders and defend them is continuing thread through all of these TH forums, no matter the columnist or the specific article to which we choose to respond. I might remind 'Secrecy Forbidden' that the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States applies ONLY to government censorship or coercion. Private organizations like Townhall, Newsmax, Hot Air, Twitchy, Michelle Malkin and all the rest of our standard bearers pay for their own servers, web designers and network costs. They are within their rights to ban or squelch anyone they please, for any reason or none at all. For all of his talk about us not understanding the First Amendment, he himself shows that his understanding of that article is, might I say, a bit off the mark. If it is in fact his last post, I'd like to be the first to say, "Good riddance, and don't let the screen door hit ya' where the Good Lord split ya'."
Heck, credit where credit is due. 'Secrecy Forbidden', because of that college education, can use bigger words to smear our country and the military. William F Buckley Jr. was reputed to have said, "Never resort to sesquipedalian word choice when a more diminutive construction is appropriate." Sounds like something that WFB would use as a quip, but it's way too 'cute' to be real.
His 'handle' is a shortened version of 'Geheimnis Verboten (ist), 'Secrecy is forbidden. I had a roommate in the Army in Germany, a 'college educated, think for yourself' type who was Regular Army, but constantly denigrated this country, the Army, the rest of the military, men and our chain of command. It is no surprise that she and another person, a guy, bought an old Karmann Ghia and drove to Saudi Arabia after they requested and received 'separation in place'. Of course they kept track of the days so that the Army would ship them back to CONUS for free, anytime up to one year from separation. Heard from them last year. Still liberals, still spouting the same anti-american baloney and both voted for B. Hussein Soetero (PBUH) both elections. An example, now 55 years gone, of what a good 'college education' will do for you -- just like the utter claptrap that 'Secrecy Forbidden' exhibits.
National Review has a nice riff on Rogen and Franco in the semi-regular Kim Il Un's imaginary twitter feed column. It might be on NRO as well, haven't looked. Funny and right on with your comment.
We are talking 'REAL women' aren't we?
Are you sure? His words and specific actions pretty much militate against supporting the police in any circumstances. Except of course for his very own personal brown-shirts in all of the heavily armed federal agencies.
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Dying For a Cigarette in New York

meerbock Wrote: Jan 08, 2015 10:20 AM
Rachel Madcow does not wear panties to get in a bunch, but boxers instead. Those are MUCH more uncomfortable when bunched and twisted.
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IRS Cries 'Budget'!

meerbock Wrote: Jan 06, 2015 2:38 PM
I think that it should be titled, from a literary, historical and traditional perspective, 'The DNC Ministry of Truth'. The IRS under this regime has become a real-life 'Room 101' and we are all Winston Smith,
I agree and I've got eleven years on ya'!
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