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Fun article. Was put in mind of ex-SecDef's Rumsfeld's (paraphrased) 'documented undocumented visitors', 'undocumented undocumented visitors' and 'undocumented documented visitors' (your small gloss of union leaders and tree-huggers)
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Yes, Michelle, It's Because You're Black

meerbock Wrote: Dec 18, 2014 6:02 PM
National service does not mean military service, necessarily, but veterans WOULD have priority for jobs and so forth. The whole idea is having 'skin in the game'. Paying taxes, owning property, running a tax-paying business all contribute to the wealth and prosperity of the commonwealth (in its original sense).
Heinlein advocated universal national service; something that the Israelis have had in place since their beginnings. It is the Haredi, the ultra-orthodox religious communities that want all the benefits of a social welfare state without ever having to contribute to the health of the polity as a whole. Huge debates on the subject in the Knesset, but Bibi has indeed instituted universal national service and the takers and parasites in the ultra-orthodox communities are setting up a most un-holy row about it. It was part of the reason for the dissolution of this Knesset and the need for new elections on March 17th.
I hate being a grammar nazi but using the word 'decimated' for 'utter destruction' is incorrect. The Roman Army used 'decimation'. In a formation, every tenth man was killed, usually as a punishment for that units failures, hence the name, 'deci' root for the number ten, and 'mat', the root for murder. Utter destruction of the lumber industry in northern California, Oregon and Washington goes FAR beyond 'decimation'. Your point, however is well taken, and it is indeed the Progressive Dream and the people who continue to vote for it that are the real problems that are leading our nation to utter destruction (but not decimation) Again, I do apologize for my over-picky comment.
Check out Harry Turtledoves books and anthologies.
Peoples Democratic Republic of America. FIFY
That's pretty obvious to me, but perhaps it is not quite so obvious to the blue-staters.
Bisbee Arizona is the same. Tourist trap, full of old hippies and 'arty' types. Population went from 12,000 or so after the mines had been closed for awhile to fewer than 6000 now. Town is broke, survives on tourist money and federal grants. I moved out years ago. I now live in a nearby city with a large military base. Suits me a lot better.
Remember the Twitter/hashtag game suggesting he was a pedophile? That trended immediately after Harry claimed that a little bird told him that Romney hadn't paid any taxes for ten years. Turnabout is not only fair play, but a lot of fun, besides.
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