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The Foreign Policy of the Three Stooges

meerbock Wrote: 11 hours ago (7:27 PM)
I'd suggest we just kill them all NOW, over there, and we won't have to worry so much them n the near future. Nukes, ground bursts, would work just fine, cheaper and easier than sowing the land with salt (Carthago delenda est!) and might cause a marketing boom in Trinite as a semi-precious gemstone. 'Course they'd need to keep the mayhem to the mininum or they would immediately destroy the market by over-producing. Always thinking of the entrepreneurial edge . . .
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Obama's Logical, Fanatical Foreign Policy

meerbock Wrote: 17 hours ago (1:30 PM)
It is becoming less and less of a 'secret' every day.
Make it two bucks and you can get an entry level Starbucks.
So, people, still think that that PATRIOT Act was such a great idea? I've been railing against it for thirteen years, since it was first offered on the floor of the House.
In any other case, criminal or civil, the acts would be called 'spoliation of evidence' and court rules nationwide allow the presumption of guilt (malfeasance, misfeasance or non-feasance) of those involved in the spoliation. Subpoena some IT folk and their supervisors. They will either perjure themselves or tell the truth. Like any good prosecutor, never ask a question to which you do not already have an answer, documented by other evidence. Then subpoena the next person in line. It would not take long at all to get to the 'head of the snake', but direct evidence implicating both Holder and Obama would engender cries of 'RACISM' among the nitwits of the CBC and the state controlled media.
Went right over edumakator's head, bless his heart.
That'd be fine with me. We survived Millard Fillmore and James Buchanan. A year or so of an utter nincompoop should be survivable as well.
That doesn't mean he's not boogaloo bat-chit crazy, either. Pathological narcissism combined with being a pathological liar pretty much puts him into the 'Lock him up and stock up on Thorazine' category.
. . . or as W C Fields discovered, with one blowing against your feet with a caddy with squeaky shoe soles standing behind him.
Cancze is unable to assimilate that thought. If 'He who is the Obama, PBUH' says we have globull warming, then how dare we lesser mortals stand in defiance to his imperial ukases? My fellow conservatives have to get back in practice of lowering our eyes and tugging the forelock. Molon Labe and study fourth generation warfare.
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