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Hmmh! Tell that to the shades of Vince Foster, Ron Brown and the Benghazi Four.
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GOP Double-Crossing Traitors

meerbock Wrote: Feb 21, 2015 12:05 PM
Ann's last paragraph is the clincher. This is the perfect rejoinder to the GOP loyalists (Royalists?) and the Whiggish bleaters who insist that we MUST hold our noses and vote Republican, because they are not Democrats. If someone can point out to me some issue or policy stance that the GOP holds *in actual, historical legislative or executive practice* that is contrary to or even marginally distinct from what the Democrats espouse, then perhaps I could agree. In as much as much as I and myriad other reasonable Conservatives can determine, there IS no functional difference between the goals demonstrated by Boehner's and McConnell's leadership and those of their alleged opponents in the Democratic leadership. For me, November 4th, 2014 was a watershed moment. I was personally betrayed, as were a huge segment of the American voting public. I will never again vote for 'the lesser of two evils'. Such a vote is now the modern equivalent of working for, promoting and contributing to campaigns and then voting conscientiously for either Lucifer or Azazel to be the "Prince of the Earth' in perpetuity. I am done voting for snakes and weasels. I congratulate Ann for putting the idea forward in her column. Just one election with no 'nose-holding' votes for Republican liars and traitors, or one in which we simply stay home en masse will ring the death knell for the GOP. The counter argument is that "If you do that, the Democrats will win everything!" My reply is simply, "Yeah, and how will that be any different than the situation that obtains right this minute in America in 2015?" We are now some fifteen weeks past a landslide election that repudiated the current (p)resident, his party and his policies. What have the Republican party leadership done to fulfill any of their rhetorical flourishes or any of the promises they made to the voters before November 4th last year? I am a supporter of a real, conservative, constitutionalist third party no matter how many Democrats are elected in the next couple of election cycles. Only one in thirty colonists actively fought in our Revolutionary war, and we won our independence in despite of those numbers. I believe that refusing to vote establishment Republican in those same or even greater percentages will destroy the Republican party as surely as that party destroyed the Whigs a hundred and sixty five years ago.
P*ss off. You must really miss your salad days as a hall monitor and constant victim of grade school pranks.
Actually, Stevens Son, by applying ANY multiplier fraction to muslim abuse statistcs, even 0.00001 and then iterating that factor, you have *by definition* created an 'exponential' statement (or a verbal 'function' exactly as Col. Schlichter implied.)
Bull manure! He was a unit armorer, never in a combat situation, never out of a controlled environment. PTSD? What traumas did he experience in his nice cool workshop deep inside the perimeter? I call BS on the defense's claim of insanity.
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Chickens Coming Home To Roost

meerbock Wrote: Feb 06, 2015 8:22 PM
YOUR right not to vaccinate YOUR kid does not extend to having a right to endanger MY kid. If you don't want vaccines, then keep your little 'free-range' preciouses the heck away from the rest of the more rational public.
Ecclesiastes, Chapter one.
Mein Himmel Gott! Eric the Snotty makes a correct and relevant comment? Call the reporters! Film at 6:00! ... but then a broken analog clock is right twice a day too ...
See! I wrote in a post farther down that ol' 'Secrecy Forbidden' DID get something for his college education dollars. He learned to cry like a little girl. Sadly, he can't 'take his ball and go home', because here, in this and other Townhall forums, it's not his ball to take home. It's ours. Conservatives who do think for ourselves and quite often are both vocal and vociferous in defending our principles. That we actually HAVE principles, bedrock belief in our Constitution and the thoughts and writings of our Founders and defend them is continuing thread through all of these TH forums, no matter the columnist or the specific article to which we choose to respond. I might remind 'Secrecy Forbidden' that the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States applies ONLY to government censorship or coercion. Private organizations like Townhall, Newsmax, Hot Air, Twitchy, Michelle Malkin and all the rest of our standard bearers pay for their own servers, web designers and network costs. They are within their rights to ban or squelch anyone they please, for any reason or none at all. For all of his talk about us not understanding the First Amendment, he himself shows that his understanding of that article is, might I say, a bit off the mark. If it is in fact his last post, I'd like to be the first to say, "Good riddance, and don't let the screen door hit ya' where the Good Lord split ya'."
Heck, credit where credit is due. 'Secrecy Forbidden', because of that college education, can use bigger words to smear our country and the military. William F Buckley Jr. was reputed to have said, "Never resort to sesquipedalian word choice when a more diminutive construction is appropriate." Sounds like something that WFB would use as a quip, but it's way too 'cute' to be real.
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