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I suspect that might be a bit easier said then done. Disarming 80 to 90 million well-armed American citizens could be a serious chore. They'd better bring a lunch, I think. They'll be out there for a while, or at least the ones who survive will be.
Yahh, the French only surrendered to the Nazis and then to the Algerians, and then to the flood of islamic immigrants. There are large parts of France where European cops cannot go. Those, of course, are the neighborhoods and cities colonized by the islamist jihadis. An excellent example of just some of the benefits of cultural diversity combined with a huge welfare state.
Absolutely correct. Everyone in this fine land who mutters, "Molon Labe" under his or her breath is probably also on board for representative government, not a hereditary political class or an ad hoc peerage appointment.
Straw man again and exclude middle. Not every winning primary candidate will 'be replaced by a democrat.' If any Conservative candidate, no matter how much of a hayseed he or she might be has a veritable smorgasbord of Democratic failures, all with easily enumerated horrible effects. Any candidate running against a Democrat has a lot better chance this fall than any given Democrat. Your implicit assumption, like Coulter's is that candidates who upset long time incumbents will automatically lose to the Democrats. I simply do not see that happening. Incidentally, I would never in this life or any other life, sleep with Bil Maher. I'd also state unequivocally that that is a serious lapse in judgment, and that she still appears regularly on his show is an *explicit* endorsement of his shtick. I'd guess that there are not a lot of Conservatives wherever Annie is living. Sort of the Pauline Kael syndrome.
Swat them? Bejaysus, we've got to knock them down, stand on their necks and flail them until they whimper. Of course, your cudgel and your version of a 'swat' might well accomplish the same thing. If one wallop is good, wouldn't two or three or more be better?
Bad logic, Fallacy of the excluded middle, complete with straw man (splitting the conservative vote). Brava, bravissima! Didn't Romney and his crack crew of white tasseled loafer loving campaign consultants do a pretty bang-up job of splitting the conservative vote? They did it so thoroughly that three million registered Republican voters stayed home. This is the party that Ann wants us to vote for. Perhaps she just prefers slackers and gormless eunuchs. (everyone knows by now who her man-crushes are) I agree that Cuccinelli's campaign, with real red meat for conservatives AND independents nearly won against the Clintonian puppet governor. No matter how fiercely it postures a candidate made entirely of blanc mange has more actual substance than one of Anns favorites. She slept with Bill Maher, f'r crissake, and was giddy in love with Chris Christie. Now she has the hots for the Baby Bush and his illegal immigration 'acts of love'. This is the voice of true conservatives? Pardon me while I retch.
Ahh! So we should vote for the clique and claque that are baying at the moon to destroy us, the TEA party, Constitutionalists, some Libertarians and other flavors of Conservatives and trust them to do the right thing, when none of them have done the right thing for decades. They wallow in DC's hog troughs and everything they do or say is bent to the aim of staying in office and 'laissez le bon temps roullez.' Excuse my spelling, it's the thought that counts.
McConnel, Cornyn, other biggies in the Senate power circles vote for cloture on several items allowing those bills to come to a floor vote, (they claimed that they were forced to vote for cloture or government would have shut down again) which they then voted against, secure in the knowledge that 55 Democrats outnumber 45 Republicans. Is that a good enough example? It only happened a few weeks ago when the temporary spending bill ended at the beginning of the month. REGARDLESS of what Mz. Coulter believes, the senate leadership, almost all of the Senate Republicans in fact, along with John Boehner and his power elite are the enemies of all Conservatives, just as Christie, J Bush, M Romney, redux (is McShamnesty to old to run again? Bob Dole?) are all direct outspoken enemies of conservatism.
Well Pappy, that would certainly be a lot more scenic landscape than all those technology campuses south of San Fran. As Bob Hope used to sing, "Thanks for the mammaries."
I've always said, "Laziness and enlightened self-interest" but I do agree that your formulation would subsume 'laziness' under 'pain avoidance', because obviously, hard work is painful or at least not very pleasant or comfortable. Much better statement than mine; more inclusive, actually.
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